Renuka Ji

Renuka Ji: Seeking the blessings of Goddess

It is really fascinating to see how the beauty of nature plays its aura and spell in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Every nook and hook of Himachal Pradesh holds the crux of life, teaching lessons of love, surprising souls and giving meaning to life etc. Let us trace the beauty of pleasant hidden hamlet in Himachal Pradesh – Renuka Ji.

Location of Renuka Ji

The place is famous for its azure lake Renuka. Located in the Sirmaur District in Himachal Pradesh, Renuka Ji is an untouched beauty. It is a perfect weekend getaway and escapes from the hustle of urban crowd, located just 37 km from Nahan.

Renuka Lake is the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh. Situated amidst the thick lush forest, it is a wild gem left untouched of the outside world at an elevation of 672 metres. The Renuka Lake covers an amazing circumference of about 3214 sq. km. The view of this hidden gem is just absorbing and utterly beautiful.

Renuka Ji

Best time to visit Renuka Ji

The quite, small and mesmerising hamlet is apt for every generation of traveller. Its ethereal beauty is just splendid. Tourists come here to loosen themselves in the reflection of the lake and the place gets tourists across the year from all domains of the world.

The best time to visit the beauty of Renuka Ji is during the month of April to June or from the month of September to November. The ambience of the town is welcoming and soul-satisfying. The place has its religious significance and is devoted to Goddess Renuka. Now you know from where the name of the town comes.

Renuka Ji

How to reach Renuka Ji?

As it is a popular tourist destination, given the popular Renuka Ji temple by the side of Renuka Lake, the town has a well-developed transportation network.

  • By air – The nearest airport is in Chandigarh. Tourists can easily avail bus or taxi services to reach the amazing land of Goddess Renuka.
  • By rail – The nearest railway station to Renuka Ji is in Ambala and Chandigarh, located about 95 km away. These railway stations connect Renuka Ji to major and nearby cities and towns of India. You can easily reach here by bus or taxi.
  • By road – The tiny town is well-connected by road, located about 315 km away from the national capital, New Delhi. One can reach Chandigarh and from here one can avail taxi or bus to reach Renuka.
Renuka Ji

Activities to do in Renuka Ji

The serene aura of Renuka Ji is transfixing and fulfilling. The place makes a perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts, especially for mountain lovers. You can enjoy trekking through the beautiful meadows of Renuka Ji or even try a hand at mountaineering.

The quaint getaway is actually a wonder of nature and visiting this tranquil environment is a visual treat as you get to see the most beautiful sights. Apart from mountaineering and trekking tourists can also enjoy boating and fishing in Renuka Lake.

Also don’t forget to seek the blessings of Goddess Renuka and indulge with locals to understand their devotion, beliefs and way of life!!

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