Solang Nullah

Solang Nullah: In the land of snow

The state of Himachal Pradesh is full of glories of mesmerising nature. Every year the state receives lakhs of tourists who come here to witness the magic of majestic Himalayas and enjoy nature.

The state is also considered to be the hub of adventure sports which includes thrilling activities like hill-climbing, paragliding, gondola and the extremely famous skiing at Solang Nullah.

Location of Solang Nullah

The mesmerising serpentine stream flowing through the snow-clad mountains, lofty trees and the artistic valley of Himachal Pradesh is known as Solang Nullah. It derives its name from the nearby village Solang and Nullah mean water stream.

Solang Nullah is a very high altitude valley; about 8500ft high, located just 14 km away from popular hill-station Manali. The place is a high snowfall- prone area, which makes it a popular skiing destination. The scenic mountains, wildflowers and green meadows of the Solang Nullah ooze boundless natural beauty.

Solang Nullah

Best time to visit Solang Nullah

The most enthralling thing about Solang valley is that it is the most captivating hill-station to visit irrespective of the season. The ravishing beauty is a soulful treat for every being.

The best time to visit Solang Nullah for sight-seeing is in summers when the weather is pleasant and the temperature ranges from 10 to 23 degree Celsius.

If you strive for some gushing adrenaline rush then winters will be your favourite season to visit Solang Nullah. Winters advent the valley in October and envelop the entire valley in snow and mist. Winter continues till March, but the valley receives the best snowfall from the month of January.

So pack your bags according to your preference.

How to reach Solang Nullah?

  • The hill- station is quite accessible, given its proximity to Manali, which is extremely popular among tourists. One can reach the valley by various means.
  • By air – The nearest airport to Solang Nullah is in Bhuntar Town, about 63 Km away.
  • By rail – Jogindernagar Railway station in the district of Mandi is the nearest railhead. The station is about 50 km away from the valley.
  • By road – Solang Nullah is easily accessible from Manali and to reach Manali one can board the buses run by the Himachal State Road Transport Corporation from major cities and towns near Manali. From Manali, tourists can avail hired cab/taxis to reach Solang Nullah.
Solang Nullah

Activities to do in Solang Nullah

Ohh… Your platter will overflow with the diversity of adventure activities you can indulge in the Solang Valley.

1) Paragliding –

Yeah… we know that adventure junkies don’t want to miss a single chance to conquer the sky and soar like a bird! There are two jump-stations in Solang Nullah, one at a lower point for beginners and other at a higher point.

2) Skiing –

Solang Nullah is popular for skiing and the place is considered to be a skier’s paradise. Enjoy skiing in the white landscape. The valley has a number of Ski agencies run by the government as well as private agencies which train amateurs in Skiing.

3) Zorbing –

Trust me… this activity is such a fun. So, describing the activity, it involves hurtling down the hill in a transparent ball with your near and dear ones. Sounds like fun... Right?

Solang Nullah

4) Camping –

In case you have camped out a hundred times still the experience of camping in the lush abode of Solang Nullah is the most refreshing thing to do. Imagine yourself curling in a cosy tent or snuggling in a sleeping bag just like rabbits, doesn’t that sound amazing.

Apart from this, there are so many things you can do in Solang Valley like Gondola or Solang Ropeway, quad biking, who wants to miss an ATV ride in such marvellous environs. Summing all – your trip to Solang Nullah is full of adventures and ever-lasting memories.

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