Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass: that’s what we call picture perfect!

A trip to Manali is incomplete without a visit to the charismatic vistas of Rohtang Pass. The panoramic sight and the incantation of the mystic hills leave anyone and everyone wonderstruck.

Rohtang Pass is the perfect synchronisation between snow-clad mountains, extreme climatic conditions and yet the most ravishing sights of beautiful nature. Wait… Don’t forget the adventure sports! After all adventure sports give us major life goals and I bet, you might have a few of these on your bucket list!

Rohtang Pass

Location of Rohtang Pass

The mesmerising Pass is situated at an astounding height of 4,000 m above sea level. Rohtang pass is ensconced in the Himalayas, just 51 km away from major hill station of Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, Rohtang Pass is also known as the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti valleys, it also serves as the gateway to Pangi and the valley of Leh and to Ladakh. That is a way to too many wonderful places. The thought of such enthralling destinations gives me a strong feeling of wanderlust.

Best time to visit Rohtang Pass

The snow-clad Pass is not open for the most time in the year. After the snow is cleared, the Pass opens for traffic in summers i.e. from June to October.

Trekkers flock the dangerous and thrilling Rohtang Pass even before it opens for vehicular traffic. The Pass receives more than 25 lakh tourists every year. Whoa… that is a lot of people.

The beauty of this Pass is so alluring that many blockbuster Bollywood movies have been shot here. The list includes ‘Jab we met’ and ‘Yeh jawani hai deewani.’

Rohtang Pass

How to reach Rohtang Pass?

Given the extreme location and climatic condition of Rohtang Pass, scalability becomes a huge problem. The roadway is the only medium to reach here and one has to get a permit from the state government.

Rohtang Pass is 53 km away from the city centre and the distance can only be traversed via a local transport, hired cab or private vehicles. The tourists first need to reach Manali, from here several Himachal Road Transport Corporation buses available, one can also avail drive their own car or get a cab to get a drive to Rohtang Pass.

There are certain things to keep in mind, the permit to enter Rohtang Pass is issued to first 800 petrol vehicles and 400 diesel vehicle and it is done one first come, first serve basis. A tax of Rs. 500 and sometimes a congestion charge of Rs. 50 are to be paid to get the permit.

Rohtang Pass

Activities to do in Rohtang Pass

The sojourn to Manali is every traveller's dream and the Rohtang Pass is the paradise for adventure enthusiasts. The Pass attracts lakhs of travellers every year. It is a favourite trekking trail among trekkers due to its challenging trails marked by glaciers, pointed mountain peaks, surreal waterfalls, and the breath-taking beauty of the surrounding and chilling cold. The most sought-after trail is the 117 km long Manali- Lahaul pass along with sulphur springs and Bhrigu Lake.

The adrenaline junkies can quench their thirst for adventure here by engaging in a range of physical pursuits like paragliding, skiing, ice-skating, mountain biking, and the trip to Rohtang Pass is never complete without a sledge ride, which involves sliding through the snow in a wooden toboggan.

The ravishing beauty of Rohtang Pass is a visual treat, thus making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and photographers.

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