Nahan: On a secluded ridge in the Shivalik

Himachal Pradesh is a picture-perfect destination, where Mother Nature showered her countless bounties. The state welcomes tourists with no dearth of pleasant surprises with the majestic ambience of vast tracts of high-altitude Trans-Himalayan desert, sensational views of snow-capped high Himalayan ranges, dense green deodar forests, snow-fed rivers, mesmerising orchards, countless adventures and the intricate details of history.

Nahan is one such bounty of nature for Himachal Pradesh. The place is a true delight for nature lovers.

Location of Nahan

Founded by Raja Karan Prakash in 1621 as the capital of the Sirmur princely state, Nahan is situated on an isolated ridge in the Shivalik Hills. Overlooking the green hills, Nahan is located at an altitude of 932 m above sea level and is spread in an area of 2825 sq. km.

The city is a perfect holiday destination as it is embellished with beautiful temples, vibrant gardens and gorgeous man-made lakes.


Best time to visit Nahan

Given its moderate elevation in the Shivalik Hills, Nahan relishes a pleasant climate throughout the year. The summer months from April till June are the hottest months here, with a maximum temperature of 38 degree Celsius. From July till September are the months of monsoon and the hills rejoice from the rain and the temperature drops down.

The winter advents the hills quite early, i.e. by mid-October. The temperature hovers around freezing point with a maximum temperature of 17 degrees. The winter ends by February.

Thou, Nahan is a perfect place to visit throughout the year but the best time to visit this picturesque town is from late-September till mid-November when the climate is the most pleasant with occasional showers throughout October. Also, this is the time for Dussera celebration in the ridges, which makes the hill-top more colourful and merry.


How to reach Nahan?

Tourists don’t have to face any trouble to reach here as it is well-connected via road and railways.

  • By air – The nearest airport to Nahan is Chandigarh Airport, about 50 km away. Taxis are available to reach Nahan from the airport.
  • By rail – The city doesn’t have its own railway station. The nearest railheads are in Ambala, Kalka and Chandigarh. From here, regular buses ply for Nahan.
  • By road – State-run regular bus services are available from major and nearby cities like Manali, Haridwar and Delhi. You can also head on a road trip to reach Nahan via a booked cab/taxi or your own vehicle.

Activities to enjoy in Nahan

There are so many things we can do in this beautiful city. The thirst for adventure can be quenched by indulging in various physical pursuits like trekking, mountaineering, angling, fishing, rock climbing etc. Trust me, Nahan has breathtakingly adorable treks which mesmerises the heart of every trekker.

The best way to explore the divine beauty of Nahan is to walk around.

The true colours of the hills are seen during the fairs and festivals, which draws tourists from all around the world.

BawanDwadashi –

This is one of the traditional and most popular fairs of Nahan. The festival falls in September and idols of fifty-two of the local gods from the temples are carried in palkis to the Jagannath Temple of BadaChowk, here the idols are floated in a pool.

Gugga fair –

This fair is celebrated in honour of Gogaji (a popular folk deity of Rajasthan).

There is a lot more to explore in this astounding Hamlet of Himachal Pradesh.

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