Dharamshala: Lower Macleodganj

The town of Dharamshalais situated in the Kangra Valley, finding a perfect spot against the Dhauladhar Range. Most of the travel and adventure enthusiast would be familiar with this but I am telling for the newbies at this kind of stuff;

Dharamshalais divided into an upper and a lower zone. The upper zone is popularly known as Macleodganj. Hence it can also be called Lower Macleodganj!!!!!!!!!Fundazyada ho gyakya..... Don’t scratch your heads!! We got your back!!!!!!


Decode Dharamshala with #OUTDOORKEEDA

The Himalayan Mountains envelop this town from three sides and oak trees heavily dominate the spot. In addition, conifer trees are found in abundance here and hence it is also called the ‘coniferous heaven’. The town has deep roots in the Buddhist culture and large numbers of monasteries dot this town.

Despite large number of tourists, flocking this spot Dharamshala is extremely quiet or stating in a fancy way; is a solitude lover’s heaven. The highest altitude that can be reached in Dharamshala is 1500mts from the sea level.

How to reach Dharamshala…

Buses are the best option to reach this place if you are coming from Delhi or other parts of northern India. The strong web of roads makes this scenic spot quite accessible.


The Gaggal airport is the nearest airport, where you can reach smoothly by flights of Air India and SpiceJet from anywhere in the country. However, if you are flying from somewhere far it is better to land at the Chandigarh airport and book a cab from there.

The Pathankot and KangraMandir railway station will land you closest to the town we are talking about. You will have to take taxis or cabs from here to reach your final destination.


No, No, No…..Dharamshalais quite pleasant around the year, ignoring the monsoons (when there is risk of water logging and roadblocks).

This hill top station is a blessed relief from the scorching summer heat from the months of April to June.

The winters wrap themselves up in snow and drop the temperature down to almost -1oC.


Sightseeing in Dharamshala

Some places worth a visit here are—The Kangra Art Museum, Jwalamukhi Devi Temple, GyutoMonastry, Dharamshala War Memorial, TsuglagKhang Complex, Hanuman Tibba peak and the ginormous tea gardens.

Apart from sightseeing you can also enjoy trekking and camping. So this small yet beautiful town has the spice for every kind of recipe. Get going Guysssssss!!!!!

The speciality of Dharamshala is that even though it’s crowded with tourists all-round the year, you still will be able to find your own private spot. Don’twait to check this picturesque beauty off your travel bucket list. Make your bookings now!!!!!!

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