Chamba: Amidst the Valley of milk

Himachal Pradesh is one of the loved destinations of mountain lovers in our country. Located in the lap of Himalayas, the state is the paradise full of blessings of nature. The state has numerous hill stations with no dearth of beauty. One such enigmatic destination is the valley of Chamba – located on the bank of River Ravi. A visit to this place is a stirring journey through the grace of divine nature.


Location of Chamba

This tiny town of lucrative Himalayas is located in the mesmerising valley, amidst the Shivalik Ranges. The town is placed perfectly in a valley between two mountain ridges on the bank of blissful Ravi River. Chamba is located just 56 km away from the popular hill station, Dalhousie. Famous for its medieval temples, the architecture of temples of Chamba sing the melody of the glory of its past rulers. The local festivals are the heartbeat of the town and have kept the tradition and vibrantly alive in the valley for ages.

Best time to visit Chamba

As the town sits in the lap of mighty Himalayas, it experiences alpine weather. The summer months in Chamba from April to June are pleasant and mild. This is the best time for sightseeing and enjoying other adventurous activities. The town experiences southwestern monsoon during the months from July to September. The months from November to February are spine-chilling as winter envelops the valley.


How to reach Chamba?

So let us gear up to visit Chamba and see how can we do it.

  • By air – Gaggal Airport in Dharmshala is the nearest airport. It is located at a distance of 124 km. This airport is well-connected with important cities like Delhi, Kullu and Chandigarh.
  • By rail – Pathankot Railway Station is the nearest railhead. The station is located at a distance of about 103 km. tourists can easily avail bus or taxi/cab services to reach Chamba.
  • By road – Travelling by road is fun, as Chamba is well-connected to most of the neighbouring cities by road. State-run or private buses are available from nearby cities like Dalhousie, Pathankot, Khajjiar and Dharmshala. You can also take your own car or a private cab to reach Chamba.

Places to visit and things to do in Chamba

This mystic town is the abode of festivals and celebrations. The town of temples, lakes and astounding natural wealth is a sheer delight for the eyes of a traveller. There are numerous places to visit.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple –

The complex has 6 temples built in Hindu shikhara style of architecture. Built in 10th century AD, three shrines are dedicated to Lord Vishnu while three other are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The architecture of the temple is unique due to camouflage of local style with the Hindu shikhara style which gives the temple an alluring beauty.

There are several other magnificent temples in the town, for instance, Chamunda Devi Temple, Hari Rai Temple, Sui Mata Temple, and many more.

Kailash Manimahesh –

This mesmerising lake is the centre of devotion and spirituality. It is believed that the Lake is blessed by goddess Kali and protected by Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims come here every year to take a holy bath on the 15th day of the festival of Janmashtami. A grand fair is held during the month of August or September.


Pangi Valley –

We heard that you love to adore the mountains!! Then this range is the direct continuation of the main Himalayan axis entering the Himachal on the East of Bushahr. This range separates Chamba into two unequal parts with very little connectivity between them. The northern or the smaller section is called Pangi and it remains isolated from the eyes of the world.

There are many such delightful destinations in Chamba. So get ready and let your heart flow with the wind of this happy town.

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