Bilaspur: Blessed with wonder

The beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh has no dearth of enchantments. The state is full of bliss and wonders of nature. The traditional cultural heritage and the mesmerising beauty of the state creates magic in the heart of the traveller. Trust me… the astounding scenic beauty of the state makes a place for itself in the heart and mind of the visitor. Bilaspur is the hill station blessed with abundant natural beauty.

Location of Bilaspur

The city was founded in 1663, Bilaspur has the title of being the first hill town of our country. The newly formed Bilaspur township is located on the bank of Gobindsagar Lake of the Bhakra Nangal Dam. The town is just 64 km away from Kiratpur and is blessed with the most spectacular landscape with its fast flowing river, deep gorges, azure mountain lakes, mesmerising lush valleys, lofty snow peaks, adorable temples and beautiful monasteries. The town is perched at a height of 670 m above sea level.


Best time to visit Bilaspur

Bilaspur is the hottest place in cool Himachal Pradesh. The summer months from April to June are hot and humid and the temperature fluctuates between 22 to 38 degree Celsius. If you wish to relish the scenic beauty of Bilaspur or enjoy a wonderful trekking session then make sure you come here during summers.

The rainy months from July to September rejuvenates the town covering it in the most elegant shade of green. But monsoon doesn’t offer the best time to visit Bilaspur as the water in the dam goes up, resulting in hindrance to adventure sports during this time.

Winter months from October to March are the most suitable for relishing your trip to Bilaspur. The temperature remains in between the pleasant 5 to 22 degree Celsius.


How to reach Bilaspur?

Do you wish to visit this adorable town? Then transportation is not a problem my friend.

  • By air – The town doesn’t have its own airport. The nearest airport is in Shimla at a distance of 124 km. Buses are available to take tourists from Shimla to Bilaspur.
  • By rail – There is no railway station here. The nearest railhead is in Kiratpur Sahib in Punjab at a distance of 98 km. Tourists can avail bus or taxi services to reach the desired destination.
  • By road – This is the most well-connected route to reach Bilaspur. The town has good connectivity to rest of the Himachal Pradesh with the well-built road network. Direct bus services are available for tourists from major cities like Delhi, Shimla and Chandigarh.

Places to visit and things to do in Bilaspur

When your heart stays by the lake….

The town has an abundance of beauty and several places of recreation. Many of these are known for their unparallel beauty and peace.

Govind Sagar lake is the emerald of Bilaspur. The thought of witnessing the glory of the mountains by the side of the azure water of the man-made Govind Sagar Lake is so exhilarating. Also, the town has Bhakra Nangal Dam. Situated across the Sutlej River, it is the highest gravity dam in the world.

The town also hosts a range of adventure activities ranging from paragliding to water skiing, from sailing to kayaking and much more. So if you are looking for some adventure, don’t forget to head towards this amazing place.

The town is very rich in its culture and tradition hosting different religions and their worship places. There are many age-old temples like Naina Devi temple, Vyas cave, Lakshmi Narayan temples among others. The city also hosts many gurudwaras and monasteries.

So a trip to this mesmerising land of Bilaspur is the complete adventure for every visitor be it a spiritual soul looking for some peace or an adventure geek looking to satisfy their quench of adventure.

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