Moderate Treks

Moderate Treks

Trekking is an experience, which an adventure lover loves to have repeatedly. The thrill and adrenaline high that you encounter is not enough for just one trip. It will leave you craving more and more.

The moderate treks need a little more physical as well as mental health than the easy ones. Be regular to the gym or just go for a jog for an hour daily at least two months prior to the trekking expidition. Make your lungs strong by breathing exercises like--Pranayama, Anulomvilom, Kapalbhaati, phewwwww!!!! M already outta breath.

As you will be wandering in the wild at high altitudes for long durations, it is advisable to hire a guide who is familiar with the surroundings. Only the life savior articles should be packed and as you will be walking for long distances on uneven terrains, do not forget a good quality trekking shoe.

P.S. - As nobody pays attention at the end, we are jotting it down in the starting only. Please do not pollute the environment. Bring back all the trash with you so that it can be recycled.

In this article #OUTDOORKEEDA has brought the best of the moderate treks available in India.

Moderate Treks

1) Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh:

The lush green meadows, glacial valleys and cross over trails will leave you in mesmerized. Do not forget to visit the Chandrataal Lake in Chatru it is yet another masterpiece of nature.

Altitude: 14,100ft

Duration: 5 days

Best time to visit: July-October

2) Roopkund, Uttarakhand:

One of the best trek in the Garhwal region, Roopkund is a famous glacial lake in the world of adventure sports. Beware the skeletons at the edge of this lake!!!!!!!

Altitude: 15,696ft

Duration: 8 days

Best time to visit: May-June, Mid-August-October

Moderate Treks

3) Kashmir Great lakes, Kashmir:

This trek is gonna charge you physically as well as mentally with the immaculate beauty of Kashmir. You will have a bag full of mesmerizing memories to take back with you, by the end of this trek

Altitude: 13,750ft

Duration: 8 days

Best time to visit: July-September

4) TarsarMarsar, Kashmir:

The undisturbed grasslands, crystal water of glacial lakes and fragrant pine trees, all come together in the twin lakes of TarsarMarsar trek. This trek does not exhaust you much physically but the beauty of Kashmir will may.

Altitude: 13,500ft

Duration: 7 days

Best time to visit: July-September

Moderate Treks

5) HarkiDoon, Uttarakhand:

Popularly known as stairway to heaven, this trek blesses you with glimpses of Swargarohoni groups of peaks and Jaundhar. You can camp at night during the flowing river and pass through ancient villages (2,000 years old) while trekking.

Altitude: 12,000ft

Duration: 7 days

Best time to visit: All round the year

6) Bagini Glacier, Uttarakhand:

The Bagini Glacier is the source of Bagini River, which is joined by running stream of Dunagiri Glacier in the west. Running downwards from the Trishuli and Changabang peaks this trek is finally joined by the Lampak stream.

Altitude: 14,816ft

Duration: 9 days

Best time to visit: April- June, September- November

Moderate Treks

7) Kanamo Peak Trek, Himachal Pradesh:

This trek will deposit some brilliant and high altitude treks in your trekking account. The dry mountains with a little bit of vegetation and just a hint of snow, there you go the perfect background for your Instagram pic.

Altitude: 19,553ft

Duration: 7 days

Best time to visit: June-October

8) Sandakphu trek, West Bengal:

Engulfed in cross over trails and panoramic views, this route is webbed along the Singalila Ridge. This trek offers you a close contact with wildlife and gives you an opportunity to experience wilderness in its true native form.

Altitude: 12,000ft

Duration: 6 days

Best time to visit: October-April