Dodital: The Lake blessed by Ganesha

All of us are quite familiar with the popular tradition of worshipping Lord Ganesha before commencing on any important journey or starting any important project. However, the scenario here is a bit different. You reach the abode of Vinayaka at the end of an adventurous trek. Doditalis believed to be the spot where Lord Ganesha was born.

The atypical Himalayan Trout fishes are residents of the lake and hence, Doditalis named after them. Dodi in the local language means trout.


Accessibility to Dodital

In order to reach Dodital you will have to start your journey from SangamChatti, which is very well connected to Uttarkashi via roads.

If you are not a long drive person then the nearest railway station leading to Dodital is the Dehradun railway station, situated at just 201kms from the spot.

If you are quite busy and don’t want to waste your time in travelling, then the Jolly Grant Airport is at your service by being fixed at a distance of 207kms from Dodital.

Rendering the heading of this paragraph meaningless, I am also giving information about the best months to visit Dodital in this section only.

Doditalcan be visitedall-round the year skipping the months of January, May and August. As is true for all the spots in Himalayas that the monsoon months should be avoided because of high risk of landslide and floods.


Dodital Trek: A Beginner’s practice zone

In Dodital the chances of sightseeing are next to zero as it is mostly a trek zone. However, the Doditallake and the Ganesha Temple at the end of this beginner’s trek is worth watching. The Darwa top is also a must visit spot for capturing a picturesque view in your camera.

To complete the Dodital trek you need to commit five days of your life. At the end, you will reach to a height of 3307ft with magnificent views of Himalayan peaks.

The grading of this trek is easy as it is a beginner’s trek and you will move between heights measuring 1350mts- 4150mts. The down trek can be done via a different route through DayaraBugyal.


Apart from trekking, you can also enjoy bird watching and fishing in the lake. If you want to fish, you have to take permission from the Divisional Forest Officer, Uttarkashi. It is also a very popular camping spot.

If you want a nice, fun-filled week off from your hectic routine but don’t want to laze around and have the zest to polish your trekking skills then Dodital is the most recommended trek for you!!!!!!! Happy trekking.

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