One day I read a quote by Jaime Lyn Beatty, “Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul”, no wonder he got it right. Life is not about how long you live, it is about how you live. Subansiri is the perfect destination for adventure seekers as it offers its trotter a complete feast of adventure sports, scenic beauty, amazing people and their heritage. The place is a blessing in disguise, a place so astonishing that one cannot forget once he visits it. Subansiri is the best place for white water rafting.


The pristine Subansiri River originates in Tibetan Himalayas and descends to glorify he beauty of eastern Indian states. Flowing though the lush greenery and wilderness of unexplored valley the River joins the course of its soul mate Brahmaputra in Assam. The journey through the waves of Subansiri offers a once in a lifetime experience to discover the mysterious spirit of the mountain, crossing sparse settlements of ancient tribes and forests alive with the wild. The challenges and difficulties offered by the ferocious river adds to its charm and sparse human habitation along the lower half of the Subansiri makes it ideal for adventure enthusiasts such as rafters.

White Water Rafting in Subansiri


Subansiri is the perfect dream destination for rafters offering a challenge and thrill of grade 4 rapids and white waters of this untamed river which houses deep gorges offer memories of a lifetime. Being the most hidden destination the place is free from hustle of other popular destinations.

White water rafting in Subansiri is demanding and adrenaline pumping. The difficult terrain with vertical rock faces makes the task even more challenging and exigent. The days while rafting in Subansiri are exhilarating and tiring but the nights under the soul soothing as the star lit sky is a wonder to eye.


The Subansiri river delta lies at an altitude of about 500-2500m elevation band. The temperature in this region varies from 5°C to 25°C. January is the coldest month while June and July are the warmest month.

The place is so remote and preserved from modern mechanisation that there are no roads on both sides of the river.

White Water Rafting in Subansiri


The local inhabitants of Subansiri have been living here for centuries and preserved their heritage and their beloved and sacred “gold river”. The Subansiri River basin has been housed by various tribes of Arunachal Pradesh for centuries. The traditions, languages, rituals, dance music, food, ornaments, clothes etc is unique, fascinating and authentic. The valley is a whole different world which seems decades behind in mechanized modernization, but is centuries ahead in the preservation of ecology.


The tribe performs different worships for different purpose. The region believes in Doni-Polo God, which is the God of Sun & Moon, Yullo Oyi for the welfare of the family which worship to God of family protector. Nyokum Yullo is the main festival of the district which is celebrated during the month of February. Solung festival is also followed in the upper region of the district i.e. Koloriang, Sarli. Rikam Pada and Buya is the main dance of the region. It is performed to welcome the guest and show the culture of its community.

The Nyishi people have rich ornaments called Tassand (Beads), Rurh (Sword), Lakte (Metal Ornament).


The area of Subansiri delta is remote thus there are no direct road and transportation available. To reach Subansiri River for white water rafting one can take the following routes:

  • By road: one can reach this remote location by bus/taxi which is easily available from Itanagar and North Lakhimpur.
  • By train: the nearest Railway Station is North Lakhimpur and Harmuti.from the railway station the tourists can avail the road services to reach the destination.
  • By air: the nearest Airport to Subansiri river delta is Tezpurand Lilabari. There are no airports in Arunachal Pradesh.
White Water Rafting in Subansiri


The water in Subansiri River is snow feed throughout the year and to engage in complete excitement one must visit the place is before the beginning of monsoon i.e. March to June or after the end of monsoon i.e. September to November as the river is full of treacherous ripples and waves. It is due to the thrilling rapids that Subansiri River is ideal location for white water rafting.


As the area is so remote and challenging, one must be prepared to face any challenges offered by the mighty Subansiri while conquering the waves. The essential parts of the backpack include:

  • Hydration system including some refreshments
  • Medical kit and first aid box
  • River sandals
  • Bathing suits
  • Waterproof bags to keep camera and other important equipment
  • Led torch and fresh batteries
  • Plastic bag to keep wet clothes.


The Subansiri River is the perfect heaven for enthusiasts who are lured by the white, foamy and rapidly flowing river. The place is not only defined by this but has several amazing gifts to offer for its visitors.

  • Do not forget to experience the fascinating indigenous lifestyles of different tribes living in the valley of Subansiri River. Their languages, dance and music all are very unique.
  • Make it a point to savour the taste of the region and try out special dishes cooked during festivals and also ones used in daily life.
  • The tribes have an exotic dressing style and wear alluring ornaments. You might want to have a few for your loved ones and yourself.
  • Shopping of costumes and ornaments is not enough; the tribal people are extremely creative and carve out beautiful handicraft exquisitely with traditional technique and details.
  • The place is a biodiversity hotspot so while fishing do not harm the fishes and other animals which are endangered. Enjoy your trip to the fullest but with respect for the Mother Nature.
  • Subansiri has many religious places which are considered sacred. You can visit these and offer your prayers like Meghna cave temple and Daporijo Good Shepherd church.
  • The visitors must respect the Mother Nature and the pristine river and contribute their best to maintain the pious environment as it is for several centuries.

It is time to stop pondering where to head to celebrate festivals and vacations with friends and family. Because the perfect place on cards is Subansiri, which uplifts the soul and rejuvenates the mind. Thus pack your bags and enjoy your days in the lap of this mysterious valley. There is no sport as thrilling and adventurous as white water rafting in Subansiri River.