Underwater walk: Not all stars belong to the sky

Remember that scene in The Pirates of Caribbean where Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner take a walk on the ocean floor while using a boat for oxygen. Goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna recreate that nail biting scene again. Well you can easily walk on the ocean floor without needing a boat over your head. Get ready to be mesmerized by the intriguing and daunting experience of measuring the floor underwater by your footsteps. Decode underwater walking with #outdoorkeeda.

Underwater Walk

Underwater walk!!!! In India :O :O :O

Surprised??? Are you??? Well, let us solve this mystery for you. As India is a developing nation with youth having a major chunk of the pie chart of population, there is constant search for exciting and enthralling activities that pump the adrenaline very high.

Because of this search almost every adventure sports has become quite popular in India. So why leave underwater walking. It has become quite popular in the Andaman and Nicobar Island as well as Goa where, almost all underwater activities are running around the year.

To make you trip even more exciting you can team underwater walk with other adventure activities like scuba diving, parasailing, banana ride and water scooter ride.

Underwater Walk

Walking underwater :/ :/ :/ R u crazyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, no, no we are not. Underwater walking has become a popular adventure sport in India. If you want to experience the world underwater while taking a stroll, underwater walk is a must try. Bunk out a weekend with your crazy friends and enjoy this adventure together.

Anyone within an age span of 7-70 can take part in this activity. Any particular fitness is not required for underwater walking, however it is advised to be healthy and maintain a good fitness regime anyway. As you will be walking underwater, it is necessary to walk or jog for 1-2 hours at least a week before you take the dive for underwater walk. Asthma, heart patients and pregnant women should refrain from this activity.

While prepping for this adventure not much is required, just keep in mind to wear light clothes that do not absorb much water (synthetic, polyester) so that you are not weighed down under there.

How will I breathe underwater???????????

Before entering the water, an oxygen mask is put over your head, which supplies continuous oxygen through a pipe. Although you are, underwater the oxygen mask keeps water away and hence, it’s all air above your neck. Well-trained divers, instructors and guide all the time, will accompany you so that you do not lose confidence when underwater.

It is safe and secure even if you do not know how to swim. An instructor gives all the directions clearly. Sign language like thumbs up for all ok and thumbs down for not ok are used, as there is no voice communication while you are underwater. You will be taken to the spot by a boat.

An average walk lasts up to 30 minutes. The best time to go for this adrenaline pumping adventure is between November to February as rest of the year is very hot. While walking underwater you will be at a depth of 3-6 meters at maximum.

If at all, you feel gloomy (which is highly unlikely), try to steady yourself by holding the guide’s or your friend’s hand. It would take some time to get accustomed underwater. However, once you start enjoying the ambience in your underwater walk, there is no feeling that could come even near to it.

Underwater Walk


At many places packets of bread are given, if not, take some bread along with you to feed the fish. Apart from the immense variety of fishes, you will also be able to enjoy many colorful underwater plants and if you get lucky enough you might even get a sight of the reefs, anemones and corals (happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!happy dance) while walking underwater.

Tell me the destinations!!!!!!!! Quick!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes. We were coming on to that only. Let #outdoorkeeda decode all the underwater destinations in India.

1. North Bay Island, Andaman

It is one of the most mesmerizing and adventurous destination in the Andamans. Moreover, it was the first spot where underwater walk started in the first place. The best way to reach North Bay Island is by taking a ferry from Port Blair.

2. Elephant Beach, Andaman

It is one of the most mesmerizing beach of the Havlock Island in the Andamans. The beach is famously known for coral reefs making it a perfect spot for underwater walk.

3. Baina beach, Goa

It is the only beach in Goa, where you can enjoy underwater walk. It is also the only beach on Indian mainland, where underwater walk can be done. This beach is near Vasco de Gama in Goa.

So hurry up, book you favorite destination for a walk underwater and get an experience of what life in the sea is. Happy walking!!!!!!!!!!