River Rafting — Cuz you never step into the same river twice

Tired of the scorching heat? Take a splashing break!!!!!!!!

All the adventure junkies come out this season to try a sport, which will thrill you to the core and tingle your spine, all with the cool splash of water.

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They say don’t try to steer a river but one can always paddle their way through it. As India has been blessed with a diverse webbing of rivers, much like the arteries and veins of our bodies, water sports have become a major attraction; river rafting being one of them. So grab an oar and get ready to skim away your lazy cocoon with an adventure high, you will never have enough of!!!!!!!!!

River Rafting Outdoorkeeda

Am I eligible *** Am I not

If you do not know how to swim then you must have wondered about this through many a night but shhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Let me whisper it in your ear, “You Are”. Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! You heard me right, knowing how to swim is not essential in river rafting, as you will be supported by lifejackets and other safety measures. In addition, anyone who is above 14 years of age can take part in the enthralling adventure of river rafting. If you have the dare to tame a wild river, this sport has been minted for you. So plan a reunion with friends or escape the congestion of city with your family for a beautiful and exciting parley with the waters.

A Tete-a-Tete about River Rafting

River Rafting is a perky sport in which a team of participants hover a raft in the rapids under the mentorship of a guide. A raft is an inflatable, lightweight boat manufactured by hot or cold pressing of synthesized rubber fabrics, PVC and polyurethane. It consists of air chambers inside it in order to maintain its buoyancy.

Depending on the turbulence of water the rafting rapids have been divided into ‘grades’; Grade 1 being the smoothest (requires minimal rafting experience) and Grade 6 being the roughest (requires skill and ample experience).

The ‘White water’ is formed by the gushing of waves where the river shallows down to expose underneath rocks and boulders. The most common rafts have a capacity of six people including one spot for the instructor.

River Rafting Outdoorkeeda

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1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

The mighty Ganga resides with her soul in Rishikesh, hence makes it one of the best destination in India for river rafting. It stretches for about 16 kms and has around 13 rapids with a grade ranging from 1 to 4. Golf course, Three blind mice, Return to Sender and Double Trouble constitute few of the rapids.

  • Level of difficulty—Grade 1-4.
  • Distance covered—16 to 36 kilometers.
  • Best season for rafting—September to June.

2. Ladakh

The icy cold Zanskar River roars at an altitude of over 12,000 feet. It gives the river rafting experience of a lifetime with rapids of grade 3 and 4. The picturesque of mountains on both sides of the river is a sight you will never forget. The ideal time to visit this destination for river rafting is between July to August, as the river remains frozen rest of the year.

  • Level of difficulty—Grade 3-4.
  • Distance covered—Almost 30 kilometers.
  • Best season for rafting—July to August.

3. Sikkim and Darjeeling

The Teesta River in this region challenges the more experienced rafters through a turbulent tributary called Rangit. The scenic beauty will feast your eye while you carve your way through the mighty waters.

  • Level of difficulty—Grade 1-4.
  • Distance covered—11 to 37 kilometers.
  • Best season for rafting—October and April.

4. Kolad, Maharashtra

You will feel like the part of a beautiful scenery while rafting through the Kundalika River flowing between the Sahayadris. If you want to enjoy river rafting to the fullest at this destination visit it during the monsoons when the river is surging with fresh water from the clouds.

  • Level of difficulty—Grade 3-4.
  • Distance covered—About 16 kilometers.
  • Best season for rafting—Ideal time- monsoon months, Rest- June to September.

5. Coorg, Karnataka

The Barapola River in this region have rapids like The Wicked Witch (Grade 3), Grasshopper (Grade 3) and The Big Bang (Grade 4). The river edges along the Deccan Plateau and flows down the Western Ghats.

  • Level of difficulty—Grade 2-6.
  • Distance covered—About 8 kilometers.
  • Best season for rafting—Ideal time- monsoon months, Rest- June to September.
River Rafting Outdoorkeeda

Calm Your Mind

As River Rafting is an adventure water sport, which gives you a high adrenaline rush you need to calm your mind beforehand by keeping the following points in check to prepare for your voyage in turbulent waters.

  • Never board a raft without a lifejacket. Whether you know how to swim or not, lifejacket is necessary as you are, going to fight with a force whose depth should not be measured by both feet. Lifejacket should be of accurate buoyancy and should be of appropriate size of the particular user. Pair your lifejacket with helmets and you are good to go.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol, drugs while rafting, and also 6 hours prior to it.
  • Listen to the safety briefing given by your guide attentively, before starting river rafting, as your life is precious to you and your loved ones.
  • Preferable wear
    • Nylon/polyester clothes which do not soak lot of water and get dry easily. Team it up with:
    • sunglass,
    • a cap and
    • floaters/sneakers/sandal with straps to be fully prepared.
  • Some other essentials—
    • Small backpack,
    • toiletries,
    • towels,
    • sunscreen,
    • chap stick (even boys need it),
    • hand sanitizers, wet wipes (if you are a hygiene monster).

River rafting provides you with thrill and makes you feel the compassion towards life. If you do it right you will never get enough of it; you will always want more. So go on conquer the waters and emerge out as a winner.