The charisma of nature is bewitching; it is an ever flowing fountain of divine beauty, love and pleasure. Kayaking is a perfect sport for adrenaline junkies looking for thrills and splashes. The excitement of Kayaking lies in exploring unique seaweeds, colourful fishes that swim along you. Paddling through canopied waterways makes the sport of Kayaking more challenging. The idea of exploring unknown and scarcely inhabited Islands is intoxicating. Kayaking gives an opportunity to explore places which cannot be accessed by large vessels. Thus this fun-filled activity is an excellent sport and gives you eyes to witness and view places through different perspective.


Trust me... it is an adventure like none other; an experience like never before. Kayaks are small, light boats. The kayak is designed to accommodate one or more than one person. Kayaking is more invigorating sport than rafting and requires greater degree of skills. There are two types of Kayaking; one is White Water Kayaking, which involves paddling through rapids and waterfalls. The second one is Ocean Kayaking, where the paddler explores the open water seas or lakes. This is easier than White Water Kayaking. Though Kayaking is not mainstream adventure sport in India but is gaining popularity among the adventure community very quickly.

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It is very important to take adventures in life in order to understand where we truly belong. The pious land of India is gifted with many rivers, lakes and the ocean surrounding the vast mainland of India. This makes India a perfect country for Kayaking. The nature has favoured our country with pleasing waterfalls and dangerous rapids to practice Kayaking.

Subansiri River, Arunachal Pradesh –

The state of Arunachal Pradesh boosts of challenging rapids. This tributary of Brahmaputra offers great sightseeing. The rich Flora and Fauna add to the charm of the river and the great fishes living in this pristine river lures global tourists. The expenditure begins at Nacho and upon paddling through dangerous grade 3+ rapids you Taliha and Sippi village. The confluence of River Kamla and Subansiri is mesmerising. The amazing trip of Kayaking through this mighty river ends at Boghiwheel.

Kali River, Uttarakhand –

The state of Uttarakhand hosts this fluvial river which originates in Nepal. The river brings with itself lot of slit from the Himalayas making the plains fertile. Thus the river basin has rich lush Jungle full of splendid animals. The Kali River offers different grades of rapids. From being calm which is favourable for beginners to medium grade rapids. The scenic beauty of camps near this river is stupefying with rare birds perched on the tree and singing their melody to rare species of wild animals roaming their territory.

Kayaking Outdoorkeeda

Nagin Lake, Jammu & Kashmir –

After being awed by the beauty of Kashmir’ Mughal emperor Akbar called it “heaven on earth” and he was right with his sayings. The prepossessing Nagin Lake is a perfect destination for kayaking. The in-spate lake has blue water which seems like a mirror and reflects the boats floating on its water, birds flying in the sky and the trees encircling it. The mere thought of this scenic lake thrills the mind. Once you visit this lake, you understand why it is called Jewel in the ring. The crystal clear water of this lake lures paddlers to jump out of their kayaks and swim along the fishes in this lake.

Teesta River, Sikkim –

Teesta River originates from Tso Lhamo Lake and has icy, crystal clear and vivaciously blue water. The river is considered as Kayaking hotspot in our country. The place is less crowded and offers perfect environment to nurture your Kayaking skills. The river offers perfect destination for Kayaking serving with a perfect combination of calm water and rapids. The rapids in this river are rated as grade 4 causing even the most experienced paddlers to break their sweat.


Kayaking can be a dangerous sport at times thus can test even the best paddlers. There are certain things which you must keep in mind before hopping into your Kayak and hitting the rapids.

  • The best season for Kayaking in northern and eastern India is generally from October to May while southern India offers Kayaking throughout the year.
  • The rivers and lakes of India are sacred by the people. Thus respect the pious waterways and don’t try to pollute heritage of India.
  • Before hitting the waters, make sure to check the weather forecast.
  • While you are on your Kayak, sit straight and stay alert.
  • First of all you must carry a water-proof storage case, along with it make sure to carry binoculars, duct tape, water bottles, food, first-aid kit and necessary medicines.
  • Make sure to learn all rapids safety practices from professional Raft Masters. Flipping of your Kayak may end up putting you into life threatening situation. Take your decisions wisely.
  • Learn the hand gestures and signals Kayakers use to communicate.
  • Wear a well-fitting swimsuit, helmet and life vest.

Kayaking is all about living your life to the fullest and giving yourself enough freedom to sail free and discover your inner self. If you are bitten by an outdoor adventure bug then it is time for you to clear your routine and grab your backpack. Explore the wilderness of Nature, face its challenges and return home stronger. The beauty of nature is unlimited providing vigour and solace to us. “Happiness is doing what you love.”