Here we are with a brand new adventure for all you brave-hearts. Today, let us talk about one of the spine chilling adventure sport - Canyoning This sport is a perfect blend of hastening adrenaline and scenic beauty of nature. The sport is relatively new to Indian public. So if you are looking for next outdoor adrenaline rushing experience then Canyoning is what you should bet upon.

Now let's take a quick guide to what Canyoning is?



No no.... Canyoning is not about coloring your notebook as it reminds us about the colors we used to use in our childhood. Rather it is about witnessing d colors of the nature and admiringly appreciating it. Canyoning can be referred as white water rafting without the raft.... Here your feet will steer you across the gorges. Trekking through waterfalls, giant rock pools, gorges - Canyoning let's you experience nature at its best. It offers you a best way to stay close and communicate with nature. Canyoning is a hybrid of various sports which includes scrambling, abseiling, cliff jumping. swimming and local knowledge and rope rigging skills to be done safely. Canyoners navigate themselves down water filled gorges by swimming through rock pools, sliding down chutes and clambering over the rocks and other unique features of the canyon landscape. Now let us look at amazing and tough canyoning terrains in India.


Many people might wonder, Does India really have any Canyoning destinations? But the versatility of Indian landscape would never cease of surprise you. Not only does India have these destinations, but also these are exceptionally beautiful and challenging.

1) Manali-

The natural beauty of Manali is sheer invitation to the beauty enthusiasts and it attracts tourists from across the globe. The place is a hearth of adventure activities and offers life changing experience to the travelers. Canyoning here offers a walk under the blue sky into the awe-inspiring beauty of wild aquatic sites. Here Canyoning is an enthralling cross between abseiling, caving and rappelling into waterfall. Discover the spectacular waterfalls of Kullu Valley and follow the untouched pious and ancient routes of crystalline water. The best time to visit the enchanting valley of Kullu and Manali is from March to November.


2) KOLAD, Maharashtra -

The serene atmosphere of Kolad presents an absolutely amazing Canyoning destination along the valley of Kundalika Valley. Canyoning here gives you some real challenges. Kundalika river offers you gushing rapids, refreshing splashes of pristine water and the unbound pleasure of gurgling river. The river has magical water which does wonders to the soul and fulfills canoyners with immense satisfaction and happiness. Canyoning in this spell-bounding destination offers a perfect escape from busy life of metropolis cities.

3) Goa -

Being the most popular holiday destination in the country, Goa is always bustling with tourists from across the globe. The golden sandy beaches backed by musically swaying palm trees are the prime attraction for the adventure junkies at this place. Canyoning in Goa will surely be one of the best things you would ever experience. 'Goa Jungle Adventure' has discovered a mysterious and unknown river and have turned it to the paradise for ultimate canyoning experience. The guides here are very friendly and don't hesitate to tickle your funnybones by telling you amazing adventure stories. Canyoning in Upper Sauri Canyon involves variety of techniques like jumping, climbing, scambing, abseiling, walking and swimming through narrow gorges.



  • Canyoning is a dangerous sport. Never forget to carry all safety gears like helmet, canyoning harness for safe and easy descends, wet suit to keep you warm and provide protection against abrasive surface, buoyancy aid to keep you afloat, neoprene socks to keep feet dry and infection free and addition stuff like waterproof bag to keep gadgets etc.
  • Before you head out for canyoning make sure you have all important details about the place and you arrange your gears according to that.
  • Don’t forget essential items for every trip like a lamp, batteries, first-aid kit, some dry packed food and most importantly water bottles along with some hydrants like glucose.
  • Make sure to get a qualified guide for your adventure otherwise you might land in some trouble.
  • Put insect repellents and sunscreen in your backpack.
  • Get a light and strong pair of shoes for canyoning.
  • What else ? Nothing just wear a smile and abide the ways of nature and you will have a time of a lifetime.

Challenge your inner adventurer like never before. Jump off the cliffs, abseil down the waterfalls and feel the raw power of tranquil waterfalls. Flee to these quaint hamlets and relish every moment of life. Unravel the mysteries and beauty of these alluringly beautiful gorges and head back home with tons of memories.