Of all the paths you amble in your life make sure there are few which make you smile and few take you down the stream..... Life is all about the memories you make, therefore the objective of life should be to fill your pocket with memories to cherish and people to love. Adventures are the jewel of a life lived to its fullest.

Mark Twain in his words pointed out how to rejoice life. He quoted,”you feel mighty, free, easy and comfortable on a raft. ” There is no better way to savour the beauty and competence of mighty waves until you ride them on a bamboo raft. The most convenient way of animal watching is bamboo rafting as the bamboo rafts don’t make noise like boats so these rafts do not disturb the animals and offers a great chance to witness rare Flora and Fauna in their natural habitat.

Bamboo Rafting


Bamboo rafting is one of the popular and amazing sports. Bamboo rafts are created by tying many bamboo steams together and you steer this simple raft by paddling it though the aesthetical beauty of the river and enjoy the aura of the land. It is a perfect example of eco-friendly recreational activity which draws attention of adventure bugs across the globe. Bamboo rafting is a way to sooth your soul and connects you to nature; it gives you a chance to rejoice the lush greenery and music of flowing river. The feeling of steering bamboo raft through the splashes, twist and turns of river gives immense pleasure and satisfaction.

We are gifted to be living in a country like India which is so diverse in its landform. Travelling in India is collecting lifetime of memories in the lap of nature. In this transforming nation there are places still untouched from the modern mechanisation but still intact and pristine in its original form. There are many places to visit in India and some of these places offer the opportunity of bamboo rafting amidst the beautiful scenery.

Bamboo Rafting


The scenic beauty of India makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers and the place offers you soulful memories. Kerala is a heavenly abode of bamboo rafting in India. The south Indian state, Kerala is situated on the Malabar Coast and is famous for its beautiful forest, golden beaches, emerald backwaters, lofty mountain ranges and perennial rivers. The god’s own land is adorned with rare flora and fauna.


Periyar wildlife sanctuary is an arresting beauty of nature, it leaves you spell bound. The sanctuary promotes eco tourism activities like nature and cloud walks, jungle patrols, border hiking, bamboo rafting, jungle camp, jungle inn and many more. The sanctuary offers bamboo rafting to a handful of tourists everyday either as a full day programme or half day adventure. The bamboo rafts are steered through the richest and most assorted bio-diversity spots in the Western Ghats and tourists get to admire the flowers with glittering hues, butterflies with mesmerizing wing patterns, wild animals like gaur, elephants, sambar and if lucky you may even spot a tiger. The best time to visit Periyar for bamboo rafting is during monsoon when the water bodies are full and the greenery of area is mesmerising or after winters when water is scarce and wild animals come to lakes to drink water.

Bamboo Rafting


Kuruva Island is a cluster of small Islands in Wayanad. The Islands are so remote that only Bamboo rafts can be used to enter the Island. The place is very famous among tourists. The islands submerge or immerge according to the water level off the river. The bamboo rafting experience in Kuruvadeep Island gives you glimpse to exotic birds, butterflies and orchids. While stroking through the river you also get a venture through the tribal villages and temples making the trip a memorable one. Walking through the rice fields and forests you eventually reach the temple which is a very serene, and the simplicity of the temple attracts you.


Bamboo rafting is a soothing and relaxing activity, just floating down the river. But there are things which must be kept in mind.

  • Bring extra clothes as your clothes will get wet on the bamboo raft also wear leg covers to protect yourself from leeches.
  • Get yourself good leather shoes to keep your feet safe.
  • Use sunscreen, insect repellent cream and hat to protect your skin.
  • You must remember to carry a hydration kit, some food, and pair of binoculars.
  • Enjoy the traditional life of tribal people living on the shore and try to interact with them and understand their culture, festivals, music, dance, customs, costumes, ornaments, food etc.
  • Respect the wildlife; don’t disturb the animals by throwing stones or making noise and follow the instructions of the guide.
  • Don’t forget to experiment as the guide usually gives a chance to steer the bamboo raft.
  • Pre-book your adventure of bamboo rafting and stay with your group.

It’s time to pack your bags and head towards your favourite bamboo rafting destinations and adapt to the peace of nature. Keep your love for nature strong as it is the easiest way of understanding life. If you love river rafting and staying close to nature; take a trip to these destination and carry back home, a bag full of memories.