Tons Valley

Tons Valley: Same but different

The Tons Valley is situated in Garhwal region, Jaunsar Bawar region to be specific, of Uttarakhand. However, it is unique and different from the rest of the Garhwali areas. The natives of this valley believe that the Pandavas and Kauravas of the Mahabharata were their ancestors. There are ancient temples of Kauravas in the valley. Hence, polyandry and polygamy are quite prevalent in the area.

Apart from the temples of Kauravas, a temple of Lord Shiva, the chief of all is also present in the spot. You will also find a temple dedicated to Karna, which is very rare in India.

Starting below the snowfields of Bandarpoonch, the Tons River is in fact the merger of two small rivers, Rupin and Supin, which meet in the Netwar village to form the Tong River. The Tong River is mingled with the Yamuna at DakPathar.

Tons Valley

Every time is perfect time

If you want to visit tons valley, there is no specific time as the conditions are favorable the whole year. You can arrive on this land any time you want and would not get disappointed. The summer temperature ranges from – 25-380C, while the winters range from 1-150C. It is hence advised to keep sufficient woolens with you if visiting in winters.

Tons Valley

Indian Railways: the best transport in India

The Indian Railways is the best mode of transport if you want to visit the remote towns and villages. Tons valley is no exception and hence very well connected to the rest of the country via rail tracks.

The railway station closest to Tons Valley is Dehradun. Trains from New Delhi, Jammu, Mumbai, Okha, Ujjain and Howrah can lead you to Dehradun. From Dehradun you can take buses or private cabs that will take you 175kms straight to tons valley.

If you are not comfortable with trains, you can take buses to Netwar and from there you can reach Tons Valley easily.

Tons Valley

Best weekend gateway

If you want to have a relaxing yet fun filled weekend with your friends or family Tons valley is the place to be in. numerous activities such as Camping, Rafting, Trekking or plainly exploring the forest and sightseeing can be enjoyed at this place.

The trekking expeditions of this valley are of beginner’s level so no prior trekking experience is required before embarking on them. Even the elder members of family can enjoy this small scale trekking. The main attraction of the entire tour is the Kedarnath trek. It is a remarkable sight.

Tons Valley


Don’t forget to pack your sleeping bags and trekking shoes if you want to enjoy without any hassle. Always keep your personal medication, insects and mosquito repellant and some cash. Make your bookings beforehand because Tons valley is flocked by tourists all-round the year.

Nevertheless, the tons valley is a solitude’s abode and despite big batches of tourists rushing towards it, you will get ample privacy. Jot it down in your bucket list and have a memorable time.

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