Sattal: The Seven Lake City

The beauty of India lies in its uniqueness, diverse yet elegant culture and heart-warming hospitality for its guest. The sundry terrain of India gives the most enthralling view to the travellers.

If you share a love for mountains, then keep reading because we are taking you to the captivating land of hills and lakes.

We are talking about no other land but Uttarakhand - A heaven on earth. Sattal is a small hill station in Uttarakhand bestowed with the eye-pleasing bounty of nature.


Land of Seven Lakes: Sattal

This majestic hill station is situated in the lap of lower Himalayas at a height of 1219 meters above sea level near Bhimtal. The paradisical town comes under Nainital district in Kumaon region of Himalayas. The place has been named Sattal because of seven interconnected freshwater lakes adorning the mesmerizing town.

Unfortunately, two of these seven lakes have already dried up. The place is still isolated from the outside world. The dense Oak and Pine forest of the region houses rare flora and fauna endemic to the Himalayan region. If you are an admirer of nature’s beauty, a photographer, a bird watcher or a butterfly aficionado, then Sattal is a must visit for you.

The Tale of Sattal

Sattal, when translated into English, means Seven Lakes (sat- seven, tal-lakes). These lakes have a deep connection to the Hindu mythology. It is believed that during the exile of Lord Rama from Ayodhya; he along with his wife and brother stayed near these lakes. Hence these lakes are named - Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Garuda or Panna. The other two lakes which have dried up were named NalaDamayantital (characters from Mahabharata) and Sukhtal.

Climate of Sattal

Sattal being a hill station experiences below average temperature. During summers, the temperature here lies between 15-30°C while in winters; the temperature is always between 0-24°C.


Best time to visit Sattal

Take my words, Sattal is your perfect holiday destination all-round the year. Given its panoramic vistas, large flocks of migratory birds and abundant butterfly population, it is a tourists dream. Though you can visit here anytime in the year, summers and winters are preferred over monsoon as the Himalayan rain can be highly unpredictable and it also rains very heavily here. The salubrious summers are favourable for sight-seeing and winter is ideal for snow lovers.

How to reach Sattal?

Sattal is an easily accessible town, given its amazing road connectivity and vicinity to major hill stations. One can reach here via road, rail or air. But using airways in winters can be troublesome.

  • By air - The nearest airport to Sattal is Pantnagar Airport about 50 km away.
  • By rail - Sattal does not have its own railway station and the nearest railway station is Kathgodam Railway Station which is 26 km away.
  • By road - The place is well connected by beautiful and scenic roads to all the major cities. But Sattal doesn't have its own bus stand and the nearest one is in Nainital about 26km away. Taxi services ply from airport and railway station to Sattal.

Places to visit in Sattal

If you want to unravel the unexplored natural vistas where endemic butterfly and exotic birds reside then Sattal is your ultimate destination. Let us explore a few majestic destinations here.

1) SubhashDhara -

Located amidst the dense Oak forest is the amazing freshwater spring of SubhashDhara. This intriguing destination is located just a few kilometres away from the picturesque hamlet. The water from the spring emanates from an unknown source below the ground making it mysterious and a perfect relaxation ground. Reach SubashDhara after trekking for a few kilometres and relish your time while watching the vibrant butterflies and delving into the glittering water.

2) The Seven Tal -

The seven lakes of Sattal are perched at captivating heights and amidst most beautiful settings. These lakes have unknown underground sources and are interconnected. Visit this place to experience and feel the beliefs of locals who have great faith in their gods.

3) Butterfly Museum -

Now we come to a place which fascinates budding lepidopterist. The museum houses about 5000 different varieties of butterflies and moths. Located at Jones Estate, the museum was founded by Frederic Smetacek,” The butterfly man of India."

These are just a few destinations to explore. Catch up with many astounding destinations and thrilling activities like trekking, fishing, kayaking, boating, and bird and butterfly watching in Sattal. Experience the eternal peace of the valley.

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