Rock climbing: Courage is grace under pressure

In rock climbing, a person climbs a wall or rock with only their hands and feet. Rock climbing is very similar to mountaineering except for the fact that it does not takes place in high-elevated conditions. The routes of rock climbing are equipped with anchors and bolts. It can be done on fabricated walls as well as natural rocks.

The height of the wall depends on whether it has been constructed for competition and training and they are bolted with footholds. The fabricated walls are generally, made from wood or concrete. The length of route for rock climbing varies to several heights but generally it is between 25m to 50m.

In rock climbing you challenge gravity as you move upwards with every single foothold or anchor. Even a 20-minute climb can take you to a new level of adrenaline high and you will want to conquer more heights repeatedly.

Rock climbing

In India, rock climbing started as a precursor to mountaineering. However, after seeing its popularity it quickly developed into a full-fledged sport in itself. India has several historical as well as cultural sites for rock climbing such as the granite formations of Hampi in Karnataka, the mighty Himalayas and Mount Abu with its volcanic rock formations.

The height of climbs in India ranges from 200m-1000m and even on holidays the climbs in India are not that crowded. So all the loners and wanderers can take advantage of this.

Top five destinations for rock climbing in India

1. Parvati valley

This valley experiences rock-climbing expeditions on a daily basis. Already being a favorite trekking destination, this valley is home to some very generous but exciting rocky terrains, which is perfect for a good rock climbing experience.

2. Hampi

Situated in Andhra Pradesh this ancient city is home to some magnificent rock formations. Rainy and summer season should be avoided here. The best months to go are November and December.

Rock climbing

3. Miyar valley

It is found between Zanskar and Ladakh. This valley boasts of quaint villages, snowcapped peaks, mighty rivers and secretive forests. The scenic beauty of this place quaint the thirst of an adventure lover.

4. Savandurga

Located in Karnataka, this place is just 33 kms from Bangalore. It is the biggest and one of the most luxurious granite hills in Asia and hence it proves to be a perfect spot for rock climbing in India.

5. Sar Pass

There is ample rock climbing opportunity available on the trekking route of this pass, located in Himachal Pradesh. In this pass, expeditions are organized every year.

Rock climbing

Some important tips

  • Firstly ensure all the equipment’s (ropes, footholds) are of good quality and not weathered.
  • Start exercising well in advance to be in good shape so that your physique does not comes in between your passion for rock climbing. It will also prevent you from being exhausted quickly.
  • Start from a small level and slowly raise your gradient. If you do not have any experience of rock climbing then it is better to start with a boulder climb first.
  • As you will rely completely on footholds, it is advised to have good quality high friction rubber soles climbing shoes. It is also advised to use magnesium carbonate in order to avoid sweaty hands.
  • Always have a demo experience before venturing out in the real. Get some small experience like how to balance on footholds, how to use rope without have hand rash and how to hold ropes properly.
  • Do not forget your helmet. It can save your life in dangerous circumstances or in any kind of miss happening.
  • Always carry your own first aid kit.
  • Keep a prior check on weather and track when it is perfect for your rock climbing.
  • Always climb with certified experts. Do not rely on people who do not have certification.
  • Do not litter the surroundings once you reach the top. Also, carry any waste that you can on your way down so that it can be decomposed properly.

India has a perfect landscape for rock climbing in all the four directions. As this adventure sport is getting popular day-by-day more and more precautions are being taken and safety of the participants is being ensured. The leisure of experience is getting more with time and more and more people are being inclined towards rock climbing. So choose the destination of your choice and set out on you journey towards great heights.

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