Naukuchiatal: The nine cornered lakes

Naukuchiatal is a nine-cornered lake, situated at an altitude of 1,220m from the sea level. This picturesque lake is situated in a town that is just 22km from Nainital. So on your next trip there don’t forget to visit this immense beauty of nature.

Decode Naukuchiatal with #OUTDOORKEEDA

Naukuchiatal will feel like the scenery of a picture book. The whole ambiance is so panoramic that you will feel to be a part of a fairytale. A heavenly abode for the solitude lovers, Naukuchiatal is quite tranquil and calm. You will feel a distinct sense of peace the moment you reach there. The hustle bustle of daily life will leave you far behind.


How to reach this lake town

If you prefer a long road trip by car or any other vehicle, Naukichiatal offers decent connectivity with the major states and cities of Uttarakhand. Buses and taxis are always at your service to aid your process of reaching this town.

If you want to fly to this place the nearest you can do so is by booking a flight to the Pant Nagar airport. It is located at a distance of just 74kms from your destination. It will hardly take two to two and a half hours in smooth traffic to reach there in a cab.

The nearest railway station to this nature’s marvel is the Kathgodam railway station. It is stationed at about 40kms and is well connected to all the major cities of India.

Best time to be in the arms of this lake

The summers (March-June):

Summers are warm but pleasant. The maximum temperature is about 300C. This is the best time of the year if you want to enjoy some adventure activities here. A cool breeze during the evenings will improve your mood drastically. Summers here are a big relief from the harsh ones that we experience in the metros of India.

The winters (September-February):

The winters start here from September and settle down in February. From mid-October, the weather starts getting extremely chilly. Load up your luggage with ample good quality woolens if you are visiting this lake at this time of the year.


The monsoon (July-August)

Naukuchiatal receives moderate rainfall. However,being a lake town in the hills,this place becomes a bit slippery and prone to landslides. The rains add a sense of calming freshness to this picturesque piece of land.

Sightseeing and adventure in Naukuchiatal

As it is a lake, one thing guaranteed here is boating. You can also enjoy angling in the Jungligaon situated at just 8kms from here. Trekking and camping can also be done here but not to a very large extent. It is mostly a place to relax and take rest in absolute calmness.

If you want peace, picturesque and serene atmosphere and loads of Instagram pics, make your bookings for Naukuchiatal now.

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