Mussoorie: “Queen of the Hills”

Out of all the good things in the world; mountains are the best. Robert Green Ingersoll said in praise of mountains, “In the presence of eternity, mountains are as transient as the clouds.”Mussoorie is the leading tourist destination in our country. The natural beauty of Mussoorie traces its story from the British era itself.Situated amidst the majestic Shivalik Range Mussoorie gives the most enchanting glimpse of Garwal Hills.

Geography of Mussorrie

The stunning Queen of the Hills is situated at an altitude of 6,150ft. The Doon Valley and the mist surrounding it make the valley enchanting and full of aura. The temperate climate and the Himalayan peaks make it favourite summer retreat among travellers.Mussoorie has everything in perfection to soothe a restless heart. If you are looking for some peaceful escape from the outside world then Mussoorie is your escape.


Best time to visit Mussoorie

The best time to visit the tranquil Himalayan foothills of Mussoorie is from June to March or during September to November.During summers i.e. from April to June the maximum temperature can be 30 degree Celsius. Winters in Mussoorie can be spine chilling with temperature soaring as low as 1 degree Celsius.The wonderful snowfall in winters is enough to lure travel enthusiasts from across the globe. Monsoon in Mussoorie rejuvenates every bit of landscape and by September the place becomes epitome of beauty. Summers are the best season for adventure enthusiasts to catch up with trekking, rock climbing and camping.

Places to visit in Mussoorie

The surrounding hills and the lush greenery of Mussoorie cast a spell on the travellers. Life in Mussoorie is a perfect dream. Those small houses, curvy roads with awe-inspiring trees on both sides, lazy and unpredictable rain, all this makes the trip to Mussoorie magical and unforgettable.The place is famous for its Restaurants, Mall Roads, shopping and as a Hill Station.Mussoorie is one stop destination for one and all.


1) Kempty Falls –

This place is very famous weekend rejuvenation spot among families and friends. Located only 15km away from Mussoorie, this makes a mesmerising picnic spot among tourists and locals because of lush greenery and perennial waterfall. One can experience the bird-eye-view of delightful Mussoorie through Kempty Falls Ropeway. The place surely brings solace and satisfaction to one’s soul.

2) Happy Valley –

The grandeur of Happy Valley is the main attraction for tourists from across the globe. The visit of Happy Valley gives a close encounter to Tibetan culture as the place has been the first home of Dalai Lama. One can buy exquisite handicraft and sovereigns from market and shopping centres here. Happy Valley offers the most stunning view of Shivalik Range and has many beautiful Tibetan shrines to visit. For nature enthusiasts the place is heaven due to its ambrosial flora.

3) Lake Mist –

This Lake is among the most beautiful destinations of the ‘Queen of Hills.’ The emerald water of this pristine lake surrounded by green forest makes a perfect place to visit with your loved ones. One can enjoy the placid atmosphere of Lake Mist as it is less crowded and calm. Enjoy boating here with the lake oozing beauty on its every turn.

4) Cloud’s End –

Covered by thick forest, Cloud’s End marks the end of Mussoorie.Cloud’s End makes a beautiful walking track.The place also offers great view of Aglar River Valley making it the adobe of clouds. Doesn’t it sound like the epitome of beauty and serenity? Go grab your share of peace.


5) Benong Wildlife Sanctuary–

Now we are talking about the real fun for nature lovers. The place houses rare Flora and Fauna of Himalayan region. The pine-clad slopes surrounded by Himalayan peaks homes almost extinct mountain quails, deer, leopards and red-billed blue magpie.

6) Jharipani Falls –

If your quench for serene nature can’t die, then visit this place inMussoorie to have a share of beauty sip. The place is only 6km away from main city.

7) George Everest’s House –

This beautiful house was owned by sir Everest and was built in 1832. The house is perched on the top of the cliff and gives the tranquil view of Mussoorie. Though the house is in a derelict condition but the walls and roof still hold and the tourist department has made up a mind to convert this property into a museum in the memory of sir Everest and display his researches and laboratory.

Mussoorie is not only about these few places but a lot more. The beauty and serenity of Mussoorie speaks for itself. Make sure you visit the place with your loved ones to embrace the feeling forever.

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