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ICE SKATING: glide with fun

The scorching heat of summers in India can be harsh and the scenic beauty of India making the thought of Ice skating inevitable. So give yourself a break and let’s beat the heat while gliding on the skates.

When we think about Ice skating, many picturesque and aesthetic locations come up in our mind. The nature’s gift to our country is magical and alluring. India share of landmass holds amazing diversity. It is time to take full advantage of the snowy terrains of mighty Himalayas and rejoice the amazing sport of Ice Skating. Here is your chance to come up and have some fun, all you need to do is risk a bit of fall here and there on snow for the love of your favourite sport.


Ohh... Ice Skating is an old dude to the western world but somewhat a new sport for Indians. It can be called a counterpart of roller skating equipped with the fun of glistering ice and freezing temperature. Aahaaan..... Sounds like too much fun? But the truth is Ice Skating is much tougher than regular skating. Thus this is sport is for those who love challenges and dare to conquer no matter what. The fact that ice is so slippery and while Ice Skating, one is covered in woollens from head to toe makes it tougher.

Ice Skating Outdoorkeeda


Let us unleash the adventurer in us and explore the unknown horizons. The versatile mountains of North India offer unending opportunities to come across twists, turns, swirls and bumps giving tourists a chance to meet the adrenaline junkie in them. So let’s figure out places where one can seek all the fun of Ice skating.

SHIMLA, Himachal Pradesh –

The outdoor Ice Skating Rink of Shimla is the only natural Ice Skating Rink of India. The Shimla Ice Skating Rink is not only famous among locals and tourists, but also among politicians and celebrities. It is a favourite movie shoot destination in Shimla. The Skating season in Shimla begins in December and ends by February. The Shimla Ice Skating club hosts an Ice Skating Festival during winters which attracts a large number of tourists. It is during this time one can see the vibrant colours of Shimla as it comes alive with festivals, carnivals, feasts and fancy dress competitions.

Ice Skating Outdoorkeeda

PAHALGAM, Jammu & Kashmir –

The heaven on earth presents a whole different essence of Skating. The city of Pahalgam is the proud host of Ice Skating Ring at Nunwan. The rink is a current affair for Pahalgam as it was started only in May 2016. Even so the place is major tourist destinations and attracts tourists from across the globe. The Ice Skating Rink of Pahalgam is equipped with modern facilities like lights and night-skating facilities.

LEH AND LADAK, Jammu & Kashmir –

The chilling temperature of Leh, adding to it the world’s highest Ice Skating rink makes the experience of Ice Skating in Chibra Kargyam village of Ladak indelible experience. Located at jaw-dropping height of about 14,350 feet have made this Ice skating rink in remote Changthang region of Ladak a major tourist attraction. Also many freezing lakes of Ladak make it a natural ice skating destination.


The south India state of Kerala boosts of amazing ice skating facility in Lulu mall. The place is an idea destination for families, especially kids. The skating rink has alluring roof which seems to change occasionally. The colourful decor of Sparkys makes it a hub for ice skating in Kerala.

GULMARG, Jammu & Kashmir –

The valley of Kashmir is paradise for travellers. It never ceases to amuse travellers with its unmatched beauty. Ice Skating in Gulmarg means that there is no fixed location but an unending frozen lake presenting sheer delight to Ice Skaters. The Switzerland of India is always cold and thus is open to skating enthusiasts throughout the year. The outdoor ice skating rinks are set up in frozen lakes and valleys of Gulmarg where the minimum temperature drops below freezing point making skating here more appealing.

Ice Skating Outdoorkeeda


The pleasure of ice skating is unending. Also the fun of seeing your friends and relatives struggling to maintain their balance on ice is extra-comical. But even then one must not forget all the precautions and tips for Ice Skating.

  • Wear legging that are stretchable and allow easy movement of limbs. Tight jeans are a big NO!
  • Don’t make the mistake of looking at your feet but point your eyes to the direction you wish to skate towards. This will keep you focused and would also save you from bumping heads with someone.
  • Make sure you tie your skates properly and in case you fall, use your fist to stand.
  • If you are a beginner than rent your skates and make sure they are tight. While skating, bend your knees, keep your torso upright and head straight to learn fast.
  • Before learning how to glide one must know how to stop.
  • Use your shoulders to steer yourself. There is no need for fancy footwork.
  • Take guidance from an expert and listen to their instructions very carefully.
  • Don’t forget to wear protective gears like helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pad.
  • What now? Just some courage and practice and you are ready to rule the rink.

Now pack your bags and quench your inexhaustible desire to feel the surge of adrenaline in your veins and remember if you fall while skating, it means you are trying and soon you will win. Ice skating in such enthralling locations gives you memories to sit curled up with a cup of your favourite coffee and reminisce the glorious days of your winter holiday.

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