Dhanaulti: Rendezvous with nature

The pious land of India is a camouflage of eternal beauty which incorporates with itself frolic coasts, mystic ravines of spirituality, lush green plains of happiness, and shades of cultural beauty sharing pristine pleasure of festivals.India in itself folds multi-coloured flavours of life. The northern part of India is gifted with high-rising, snow-capped mountains; the mighty Himalayas. Let us discover the different facets of astounding Himalayan foothills by taking a trip to one of the most amazing hill station in Uttarakhand.

The Himalayan paradise Uttarakhand has been sobriquet as ‘land of gods’ because of its unending beauty and tranquillity. The place is everything one needs to satisfy the soul and attain eternal peace. No matter what kind of traveller you are, Uttarakhand is your one stop destination. Uttarakhand offers everything to its travellers from adventure sports to peace of heart.


Dhanaulti: A tinsel town

Let’s talk about an amazing part of Uttarakhand. Get ready and jot down the secret destinations of beautiful Dhanaulti.The pleasant city of Dhanaulti seems undisturbed of human interference.The magical city sandwiched between lofty Himalayas is perched at a height of 2,286 metres above sea level which makes it a popular winter destination among tourists.The air of Dhanaulti is magical which refreshes you one you step here.

Best time to visit Dhanaulti

The icy adobe of nature is always ready to serve its tourists. But the best season to visit Dhanaulti is from March to June. The onset of summer brings clear view of lofty mountain peaks and mesmerising views of different tourist destination. The place is ideal location for spending your winter vacations too.

How to reach Dhanaulti?

The place has an important place on the map of Uttarakhand and thus is easily accessible to tourists from around the globe. The beautiful hill station is an upcoming picnic and weekend picnic spot.

  • By air: The nearest airport Jolly Grant Airport is in Dehradun about 83km away.
  • By rail: The nearest railway station is in Dehradun about 60km away and another one is 83km away in Rishikesh.
  • By road: The state has taken special efforts while maintain the roadways to Dhanaulti as private buses and taxis are vailable from Rishikesh, Dehradun, Delhi etc.

Places to visit in Dhanaulti


Given the easy accessibility, tranquillity and affordable exquisiteness of Dhanaulti, the place is highly popular as a weekend picnic destination.

1) Deogarh fort –

The ancient fort was built in 16th century and narrates the tale of this tranquil city and its beauty.The ancient realm of Deogarh fort is the pride of Dhanaulti comprising of astounding Jain temples and magnificent palaces ornamented by frescos and murals. The fort signifies the importance of architectural art in Dhanaulti.

2) Surkanda Devi Temple –

The spiritual real of Dhanaulti is mesmerising. Surkanda devi temple is one of the 51 shakti peeth. Thus the place is epitome of religious belief. Located at a height of 2,700 feet, the place offers sky view of entire Dhanaulti.


3) Dhashavtar Temple –

Built by the Gupta Dynasty, Dhashavtar Temple is the earliest known Panchayatan Temple in north India. The temple is dedicated to the supreme lord of Hindus, Lord Vishnu. The walls of the temple are decorated with intricate details and beautifully sculpted panels. The temple signifies the glorious past of India.

4) Dhanaulti Adventure Park –

Here is the talk for all adventure junkies! The place offers wide range of adventure sports like zip lining, mountain biking, rappelling, horse riding and camping. The place is a perfect heaven for people seeking peace due to its green meadows, tall trees and breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan peaks.

5) Chanderi -

The town of Chanderi is historicaly very significant. The majestic town is adorned by Rajput and sultanate architecture. The bygone Mughal era shows its glimpse in Badal Mahal, koshak Mahal and Victory Arch. All these beautiful palaces add charm to your visit to Dhanaulti.

6) Eco Park -

The true beauty of nature is bestowed on this part nature. The twin parks, Amber and Dhara are epitome of beauty. You can visit here with your friends and family to relish the peace of nature. The place has lot of open area to play games, perform yoga and weekend picnics. The ballet of cuckoo perched on deodar and cedar is soothing to the soul.

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