Chaukori: The Himalayan Hamlet

The bowl shaped town of Uttarakhand, has taken shelter within the Himalayas at an elevation of 2010ms above sea level. This concealed patch of land in the Pithoragarh District offers you remarkable views of the Himalayas while maintaining its tranquility, so all the solitude lovers, this should be your weekend getaway.

Tibet is its northern neighbor whereas in south Terai shares boundary with it. The Makhali River runs along its eastern border and also forms the Indo-Nepal border.

Categorized as the Himalayan Hamlet, Chaukori is an eccentric tourist destination. Not popular among the general population, but this spot is home to quite many tea gardens.

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Best time to make your bookings

If you want to explore the town, as in get to the roots of the place, summer is the best time to do so. The temperature ranges from 17-250 C (moderate) and cool breeze flows throughout the town. The summer is perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Monsoons can be harsh in Chaukori, with heavy rainfall spanning over whole of July and September. During the rainy season, this spot become quite vulnerable and prone to landslides. We advise you to check the weather beforehand and then make your bookings.

The winter ranges over October until February. There is a huge possibility of the town being decked up in snow. Temperature ranges from as low as 3 to 150C. it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the mercury goes below zero also. Wear woolen in layers to protect yourself.


Access Information

  • By Air: Chaukori does not hold any local airport, the closest being the Pantnagar Airport, 223kms away. The Pantnagar airport is connected to all the main cities of India. You will have to book a taxi in order to reach your destination.
  • By Rail: Kathgodam is the nearest railway station from Chaukori, being 198km far from it. From there you can reach your goal by either taking private cabs or buses. Many trains commute daily to Kathgodam.
  • By Road: The best way to reach Chaukori is by bus. Many buses are available from Haldwani and even Almora that are near Chaukori. Delhi and Nainital also offer bus service to Chaukori on a daily basis.

Adventure in Chaukori

There must be very few places in Uttarakhand where you could not trek and camp. Being blessed by the immense beauty of Himalayas, the towns of Uttarakhand offer core thrilling adventures to raise your adrenaline. Chaukori being no exception to this fact adds a pinch of salt by being a loner’s abode.

You can also enjoy Forest Walking here in the Binsar Forest Retreat, situated in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Refresh your lungs by walking among loads of trees and reconnect your soul to nature, you will never feel more alive.

Chaukori offers some very picturesque Biking tracks. Those who love to go on a long drive on their beloved bike can have the experience of a lifetime here. Mountain biking through a town also gives you an opportunity to observe the culture, people and habitat of that place very closely.



In Chaukori, you get to visit many Hindu Temples that are of great importance.

If you want a tranquil holiday, where you could rewind your inner senses, refresh yourself up, head to Chaukori, away from the hocus-pocus of the city and enjoy calmly in peace.

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