Surfing: Your wave is waiting

For this adventure, you need only three things: your body, a surfboard and a wave. All adventure lovers out there feel like a king by ruling the waves. In India, there is a coastline of about 7,000 kms (whattttttttt……….) Yes, we were also amazed and hence, this gives us exciting opportunities to explore any and every possible water sports here.

The Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean all team up to give us some of the best waves possible. All you have to do is research up a surfing spot and book your tickets.

With #outdoorkeeda you need not goof around. Decode all the surfing details right here.


Little history (Boorrriiinngggg………Not so!!!!!)

Do not worry. We are not going to bore you by digging out the ancient time’s details of surfing. Rather we will tell you a fact that you will be proud of!! The word ‘Surf’ has been given to the world by India!!!! Isn’t it exciting :D :D The word surf has been derived from the Indian word ‘suffe’, which means coastline. It was first brought in trend by Portuguese sailors and along with time ‘suffe’ became ‘surf’. Just another feather in India’s cap.

* Surf * Eat * Sleep * Repeat *

The best wave of your life is still out there, so get all the deets about surfing down here.

In surfing, the ‘surfer’ rides on a board on the deep face of a moving wave. The best season for pro surfing in which you get some big waves is the monsoon. The stretch from January through April also gets some big waves and breaks. In general, the west coast gets most of the big swell of waves while, the east coast gets occasional wave swells due to local storms. The surfing spots stretch from Dwarka to Kanyakumari.

The most important thing for a successful surfing experience is, knowing how to swim. If you do not know how to swim and want to surf, learning how to swim should be the first and foremost thing on your mind.

You will be trained before your surfing adventure but as this sport does not have any harness to hold on to, knowing how to swim will give you confidence while surfing and will also prevent any danger to your life. You do not need to be a pro in swimming rather just tell your instructor about your current swimming skills so that he can help you if needed. If you are a complete beginner at surfing then it is better not to invest in the gears and wetsuits right away. Borrow from your friends or training school and practice on a big board in the beginning.


Geography lessons anyone

Yes, along with some history you also need to acquaint yourself with some geography. Familiarize yourself with little bit of wave geography like what are currents, wave break, sand bars, faces of waves etc. so that you get an edge during your training lessons. Do not try to become a pro in just one day, take the training as it has been planned and try not to tire yourself out before the main surfing adventure.

Let’s celebrate surfing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuz y not……. Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!!! India is the proud host of many surf festivals. They are held here almost throughout the year. The surf festival creates a perfect ambience to get to know the tips and tricks of surfing. You will get a good glimpse of the surfing culture in India. Many foreigners, photographers and musicians also take part in these festivals.

We have made a list of some popular surfing festivalsheld in India:

  • International Surfing Championship, Covelong
  • Surfing Federation of India, Vizag.
  • Summer Swell Challenge, Pondicherry.
  • Indian Open of Surfing, Mangalore.
  • India Surf Festival, Puri.
  • Covelong Point Surf Contest, Covelong.
  • Spice Coast Open, Kovalam.

And the most important… Surf Schools!!!!!!!!!!!

A good school or training center is necessary if you want to learn surfing properly. Well we have done the research for you and made a list of surfing schools in India. To make your work even easier we have segregated them according to the states and cities in which they are present. Some of the trainers here are fishermen themselves.


  • Vaayu, Goa
  • Surf wala, Goa

Andhra Pradesh:

  • Lonely Surfers, Vizag


  • Soul and Surf, Varkala
  • Kovalam Surf Club, Kovalam

Tamil Nadu:

  • Mumu Surf Club, Mahabalipuram
  • Covelong Point and Bay of Life, Covelong


  • Kallialay Surf School, Auroville


  • Cocopelli Surf School, Gokarna
  • Shaka Surf Club, Kodi Bengre
  • Mantra Surf Club, Mulki

The sea waves are very inspiring because every time they fall they never fail to rise up again. So get on the surfing board and master the art of ruling the waves. Don’t wait for the last wave, go for the first one and be a successful surfer.