Desert Camping

Desert Camping: Enter the stress free zone

If you are a fan of camel safaris, sand dunes, green oases, handmade local craft and colorful villages with immensely hospitable people, then desert camping should be your next adventure trip.

In India, you will find desert in three different regions Thar Desert, Rann of Kutch and Ladakh All the three offer different desert camping experiences, and are very diverse in nature. An activity like camping can be enjoyed by both younger and older people.

Let #outdoorkeeda decode for you all the details required for a memorable trip in the sand covered lands of India.

Desert Camping

Some best desert camping destination in India

1. Ladakh:

The beauty of this place hypnotizes you and leaves you completely mesmerized. The snow capped mountain in the background and scenic terrains will let you not want to go. You can also enjoy trekking while desert camping here.

2. Ranthambore:

Famous for tiger spotting the old Ranthambore fort is a sight to soak in. Also known for its forest adventure because of being blessed by the xerophytic topography, desert camping here will let you live like the ancient kings and queens.

3. Jaisalmer:

Enjoy cultural exhibits, live folk dance by the locals and mouthwatering local cuisine all in one place. If you want to add some luxury to your camping trip you can book already built camps and have a balance between both thrill and leisure while desert camping here.

Desert Camping

What to pack

As you are in desert you have to bring lots and lots of drinking water. Enough to last you your whole desert camping trip. Because it is a desert, it gets hot during the day and you can easily get dehydrated.

  • Light weight and double layered camping tent with metal rods.
  • A canopy of some sort to provide shade during the day from sunlight, which shines with its full glaze in the desert.
  • A blanket or tarps to cover the floor of your tent as you do not want sand everywhere inside.
  • Shoes that do not sag in the sand. Invest in good quality shoes to prevent any later hassle.
  • Sunscreen unless you wanna get tanned.
  • A day bag pack where you can store water, snacks and first aid kit while, you are busy exploring the surroundings.
  • GPS Apps to help you find your way as sometime people get lost in the desert. Bringing a compass to make sure you are in the right direction will be an added bonus.
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandana to blend in and have multi use of single product.
  • Towels
  • First aid kit
  • Headlamp
  • Toilet paper
  • Flashlight
Desert Camping

What not to pack

  • Jeans and desert do not go well. Avoid the stiff material in desert.
  • Jewelry; no need to bring extra pairs of bangles, earrings and chains. As you are desert camping you do not want your precious jewelry getting lost in or being ruined by sand.
  • Unnecessary electronics; refrain from bringing X box or iPad in the desert. Enjoy the nature and forget about electronics while you camp in the desert.
  • Unwanted kitchen stuff; do not bring your whole kitchen to the camp. Only the essentials will be fine.
  • Valuables; the elements of desert are very cruel and they can ruin your things. So avoid from bringing valuables to the camp.

As you will be desert camping wear light breathable cotton clothes that help in drying the sweat very easily. You can also opt for synthetic clothes that say moisture wicking and quick dry. Go for full sleeves tops and full pants if you are sunburned easily.

With all this information, you are now ready to explore the deserts like a pro. Set your next desert camping location with Outdoorkeeda and bless yourself with a new thrill.