Motorbiking: 21st century fantasy of adventure lovers

I think I have all the boys’ attention with that title itself. Nooo… Really!!!!Oh come on…Every guy at some point has dreamed of riding a personally customized bullet through the valleys of Himalayas. However, as we are living in the 21st century, I think motorbiking is not just a guy thing anymore. With the advancement of time, girls are having their fair share of taking a bike stroll.

Ok, ok m not starting a squabble here. Look on the bright side, motorbiking has brought girls and boys on an equal platform in so many ways!! Moving on……Phewww!!


Let’s decode motorbikng with #OUTDOORKEEDA

I will be super straight with you right from the beginning. If you thinkmotorbiking is somewhat similar to taking a bike ride to the nearest vegetable market to buy dhaniya/pudina. YOU ARE WRONG!!

Motorbiking needs, if not a lot, some preparations, some precautions and a lot of mental strength. Your imagination paints a pretty picture of you moving without any hassle, calmly while enjoying the view on both the sides. Although, the real picture out there is a little different.

When driving in plain region like cities you have to keep a check on the speed, as there will be other commuters on the road. You can join a biking club if you want to socialize.

While strolling through mountains you should travel in groups. Your mood will change completely when that fresh air will hit your face. One advantage of exploring through a bike is that you can go to places that are not accessible by car.


The most popular bike tracks in India are:

  • Delhi to Leh
  • Delhi to Jaisalmer
  • West Bengal to Bhutan
  • Bangalore to Goa

Let’s start making some pointer notes, as my PI says it helps you remember stuff. Never worked out for me though!!!!

  • Choose the bike suitable to your physique and strength. It is true for both guys and girls. As you have to travel for a long distance, you should have a bike you are comfortable with. You can take pictures with someone else’s Bullet for Instagram. If you truly want to have an epinephrine rush, talk yourself out of taking a bike just for show-off. Choose comfortable seats, sturdy grip handle, headlights and guards.
  • Learn how to do some quick repairing if, God forbid, there is some minor problem in your bike. Keep some tools and spare parts handy. Common things to carry are engine oil, spark plugs, tube and break cables if you can.
  • Pack light. If you gonna need woolens keep one or two wind-cheaters. Do not forget hand gloves cuz the chilly wind will make your hands numb like a stone. Always keep room for eatables and water, lots of it.
  • Adding to my previous point,it is very important to stay hydrated. You don’t feel anything while taking the ride but dehydration will take a toll on you afterwards. Thanks to the advancement of science, now you don’t have to stop every now and then to take a sip. Buy a hydration pack, which lets you sip liquids without hitting the brakes.
  • In order to experience biking to a brim it is always advisable to wear appropriate apparel. Helmet, jacket, elbow and knee guard, bandana for long hairs and the correct size boots.
  • Be sure of the route on which you are going. Google maps can be a big help and it will be good to save your route in offline mode, as some places may not have internet connectivity.
  • Take frequent breaks to avoid tiring out your body as well as your bike.

Enough notes for the day children!!!!!!!


Biker’s fantasy: Trip to Ladakh

I mean what is up with that place. Be it trekking, hiking, cycling, camping, name a recreational activity and this place comes on the top of the list. Except for the water sports. So, Ladakh tops in motorbiking too.

I think the beauty of Ladakh acts like a magnet and pull all the adrenalin fans towards itself. Via motorbiking you can be the part of an amazing once in a lifetime experience.

The intriguing passes, enormous mountains and picturesque plains will make you feel a deep connection with nature. You can also go to the roots of the natives by witnessing local ceremonies, meditative temples and the remote wilderness.

Curvy roads through the cold desert will help you rewire your thoughts and put things into perspective. As Vin Diesel quotes in Fast and Furious that ‘an open road helps you think’. Although the franchise is more of a Lamborghini fan instead of bikes. But never mind!!!!!!!!

So make the bike of your type the best companion and embark on this adventure journey!!!