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The motive of life should not be to just live but to stay close to nature and love the pristine beauty of nature. According to great E.O.Wilson,” Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.”

Safaris are the most exciting and fun part of a visit to a sanctuary or national park. Nature is the art of almighty and Elephant safari is an exemplary mode to savour every taste of beauty of nature. The glory of India lies in its rich biodiversity, mysterious wild jungle, valleys, and the rich varieties of exotic flora and fauna.


The largest land mammal elephant is one of the most exciting and endearing wild animal. Elephant has been a close associate and friend of humans for thousands of years. They were trained and domesticated by humans for their majesty, mammoth size and regal beauty and aura. These animals have been used for centuries in trade and construction for their abilities to lift heavy loads, in transportation to add endurance and splendour to the travels of kings and warriors, and in entertainment events and religious rituals to infuse awe and power.

Adventure enthusiasts rejoice the unique experience to mingle with these giant but gentle beings. Riding on the back of these mighty beasts is the most cherishing and thrilling experience, thus elephant safari is a huge tourist attraction.

Elephant Safari Outdoorkeeda


India is an amazing land, full of mysterious flora and fauna. This mystic land is an enthralling and extra-ordinary place for wildlife enthusiasts. Elephant safari is very popular among tourists in India, because it is the safest and reliable transit mode. Riding an elephant and observing the wildlife from that point gives a complete new perspective of the scenic beauty of the thick jungle and a unique opportunity to encounter wild flora and fauna at close vicinity. Thus, elephant safaris in India give tourist an escape from the tedious weekdays and give a chance to create memories to last forever.

India has a large population of elephants residing its jungles and also serving tourists as a perfect guide to thick and dark forests during elephant safari. In India usually these elephants are steered by a trained Mahout and riding the back of these elephants is the apex form of wildlife tourism.

Elephant Safari Outdoorkeeda


Though India is filled with wildlife sanctuaries and national parks and all credit goes to its amazing landscape and the fittest topography, of course bringing up tremendous amount of tourists to witness the presence and movement of the jungle beings. Here we bring you the most unique elephant safari destinations.

  • Kaziranga National park: Kaziranga national park is the home for 2/3rd population for the exotic one- horned rhinoceros. Elephant safari in Kaziranga starts from early morning and it is the best time to witness the herds of mighty animals like rhinoceros and elephants ambling through their natural habitat. The close encounter to these beasts makes the trip memorable.
  • Kanha National Park: Elephant safari is the most convenient way for strolling across the dense sal and bamboo forests of Kanha national park. Elephant safari in Kanha doubles the joy of sight-seeing and gives safer, closer and royal glimpse of the most majestic animals including the royal tiger and Barasingha.
  • Bandhavgarh National park: Elephant safari is the star attraction of Bandhavgarh national park and tourist yearn to have a look at the royal beast- tiger. It is a sheer pleasure to follow footsteps of this beast while sitting safely on the back of elephant.
  • Amber Fort: Tourists from across the world come in huge numbers every year to witness the stunning architecture of Amber Fort. This beautifully laid sandstone and marble fort is a UNESCO heritage site and is so enormous those tourists prefer to have a glance of this fort on the back of elephants. Elephant safari is a unique and unusual way of sight-seeing.
  • Jim Corbett National Park: Jim Corbett National Park is the reputed and oldest national park is a visual treat for its tourists offering a sight to the most amazing resource of nature in this most untamed and pristine form. Ambling over the lowlands at an altitude of nine to ten feet high, elephant safari is a great idea to explore the wilderness of the park. Elephant safari is a pleasure while venturing the mysterious thick forest, picturesque valleys of the Corbett.
Elephant Safari Outdoorkeeda

THINGS TO DO AND CARRY and things to avoid:

Elephant safari is a great adventure, but one should not forget to keep certain things in mind.

  • Sit carefully on the elephant and don’t make noise, as it may disturb the wild beasts around the jungle.
  • Carry essential items like extra batteries, flashlights, binoculars etc.
  • You should not forget to carry sun protection creams, insect repellents, antiseptic creams, sunshades, first aid kit along with antiviral hand wash and important medicines. Carry proper hydration kit along with some food.
  • Do not carry things like radio, music items, perfumes etc as these alarm the wild animals. Keep camera flashes off.
  • Wear comfortable airy clothes, avoid wearing loud colours.
  • Follow the instructions of elephant safari guide and follow the rules of park.

What are you waiting for, go grab your bag pack and savour the beauty of nature. Enjoy every moment to the fullest and explore the remotest part of the jungles. Connect to your roots and discover your inner self. Elephant safari is a perfect way to get close to exotic wilderness and to experience euphoria, you must respect the laws of Mother Nature and her other beings.