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Karnataka: Get dunked in Sandalwood

Located in the southern region of the Indian Peninsula, Karnataka is the seventh largest state of India. The Chandanvana is also home to the biggest IT freaks in India. The rich mineral deposit makes it one of the most profitable states. Historically, Karnataka holds a very important position in the ancient scripts of India, with many powerful empires completing their reigns in this state.

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Let’s investigate the branches of this tree

Karnataka has preserved the heritage of India in a unique way— the only three naturally Sanskrit speaking districts of India are in Karnataka. With Kannada being the language spoken by majority of people in Karnataka, Malayalam, Telugu, Konkani, Tulu and Tamil are also spoken widely throughout.

The state capital lies in Bangalore, which also has the title of being the IT capital of India. With a literacy rate of 75.6%, Karnataka also has an impressive sex ratio of 973 females per 1000 males.

This plant is watered by the river Krishna and Cauvery. Both of these rivers and its tributaries surrender themselves in the eastern side to the Bay of Bengal. The best time to enjoy a memorable vacation here is from October to April. The summer sun makes the coastline of Karnataka very hot. The monsoons become life savior after a sun scorched summer.


First Branch: The Heritage

The highly rich heritage of Karnataka has left an indelible mark in the history of India. The majority of people in Karnataka are Hindu, followed by Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Jains. Toda, Siddhi, Yerava and Soliga tribes inhabit this beautiful land. Rangabhoomi (theatre culture) is a very popular tradition here.

Many epic sagas of heroism and bravery are depicted and enjoyed by people through Natakas. In wedding and on special occasions, people often worship spirits and deities.

Commonly, women prefer saree although the style of draping it differs from region to region. Mysore is quite famous for its silk. The younger females like to fashion an apparel known as Davani. Men like to wear dhoti locally known as Panche. The traditional headgear of Karnataka is the Mysore Peta.

The population of Karnataka is very fond of Carnatic Music, plays, folk dance and gives a lot of importance to their ancient literature.


Second branch: Adventure in Karnataka

With its beauty, topography and favorable climate, Karnataka is blessed with many adventure sports. The dense forests, the coastlines, the Western Ghats and beautiful waterfalls tell tales that no man can say. You can enjoy the following recreational activities here.

  • Angling: Got a craving for Mahseer, head off with your pals to Bhimeshwari, one of the favorite spots for angling. Many lakes in Karnataka offer many opportunities to quench your fishing thirst.
  • Parasailing: Feast your eyes with the scenic views of never ending horizons of the sea while being pulled by a boat. No need to worry about harness or parachute, just enjoy your ride.
  • Scuba Diving: Netrani Island offers the facility to scuba diving in Karnataka. The island resided near Murudeshwar town.
  • Trekking: The Sahayadris Range of Western Ghats make Karnataka a suitable spot for trekking. Some of the popular treks are—Narayangiri Night Trek, Kudremukh Trek, Ramnagara Day Trek, Savandurga Day Trek and Kuntibetta trek.
  • Camping: Trekking and Camping are enjoyed in pairs. The popular camping locations in Karnataka are—Kali Wilderness Camp, K Gudi Wilderness camp, Kabini River Lodge, Bandipur Safari Lodge and Bhimeshwari Nature and Adventure Camp.
  • Microlight Flying: Feel like a pilot and experience the sky as your own. Thedestinations for microlight flying are—Coorg and The Jakkur airfield in Mysore.

Third Branch—Awesome Food

The cuisine of Karnataka contains equal flavors for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Lets start with something sweet, the Mysore Pak, made from gram flour, ghee and sugar, the texture of this sweet is quite rich and it’s a favorite delicacy during Diwali.

Haalbai is another sweetened delicacy of this place. Prepared by the mixing of coconut jiggery and rice, Haalbai is a favorite item during festivities.

The third spot in or list of sweets has been captured by Rava Kesari. Prepared by the infusion of saffron, semolina, ghee and sugar, with loads of dry fruits, Rava Kesari is necessary try in Karnataka.

Pori Urundai bags the fourth position. Puffed rice coated with jaggery. Consumed as a snack with tea and coffee.

After all the sweetness I feel like having something salty, Don’t you?? The worth trying dishes of Karnataka in the vegetarian section are as follows—Gojju (a curry dish), Chitranna, Khara Pongal, Maddur Vada, Mysore Bonda, Sagu, Udupi sambhar and idli, Neer dosa and Mangalorean Biryani.

The non-vegetarian delicacies include—Coorg Pandi Curry, Korri Gassi, Kundapora Koli Saaru, Mangalorean fish curry and Kane Rava Fry.


Some special fruits of this tree

  • The Karnataka Khadi Gramudyog Samyukt Sangh is the proud holder of being the only unit in India to be authorized to produce the Tiranga.
  • The topography of Karnataka makes it to be state with maximum number of waterfalls in India.
  • The oldest library in India, Oriental Library is situated in Mysore, Karnataka. It was built in 1851.
  • Rani Velu Nachiyar was the first queen to revolt against the cruel Britishers. She defeated them in 1780.
  • Kautilya’s Arthashastra—the oldest surviving manuscript finds its remains in the Oriental Research Institute, Mysore.