Srinagar: Face of beautiful Kashmir/ Epitome of Paradise on Earth

Welcome to the city where the sky romance with the mountains and the snow quenches the thirst of the rivers. Let us talk of the town, which made Shahenshah Akbar fall in love with valleys.

Everybody should visit this "paradise on Earth" at least once. The aura of the valley is such that the sights and sounds of this stunning hill station mesmerise one and all. The valley seems to be the most beautiful painting god has ever painted. Yes! We are talking about the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar.

So today let us explore the enchanting destinations of Srinagar, from Dal Lake to famous Mughal Gardens.

Geography of Srinagar

Srinagar is the pride of Jammu & Kashmir and is located on the western part of the state. The alpine weather of the town is the major attraction for tourists. The perennial river Jhelum flows through this captivating town giving it a charm of its own.


History of Srinagar

The beautiful face of Srinagar holds a long-term history of bloodshed. The town has been en route the silk road, thus, has been a crucial region since ancient times. The city was the part of the mighty Mauryan Dynasty in the 3rd century BC. Later the region flourished under the Kushans in 1st century AD.

After the end of the rule of Hindu rulers in 14th century AD, the Mughals invaded India and ruled Srinagar. The princely state of Jammu & Kashmir was merged into Indian territory in 1947 under Hari Singh.

Best time to visit Srinagar

The beauty of Jammu & Kashmir lures every heart. Srinagar receives thousands of tourists every year. The town is buzzing with visitors from across the globe during summers. The best time to rejoice the beauty of Srinagar is during summer months, i.e. April to September. During winters the heavy snowfall blocks the mountain passes and make the valley inaccessible.

How to reach Srinagar?

The popularity of Srinagar among visitors has given it an advantage of accessibility and connectivity to major towns and cities. Thus, the place is easily accessible for tourists.

  • By air - The Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport is the international airport located just 15 km from the city centre.
  • By train - There is no direct connectivity to Srinagar via rail. The nearest railway station is railhead is Jammu Tawi, which is 305 km from Srinagar.
  • By road - Srinagar is well connected by roadways to major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu, Pahalgam, and others. Tourists can avail the private or public mode of transportation to reach here.

Places to visit in Srinagar

The oozing energy of the valley enthrals every traveller's heart. The lush pastures, tall mountains, dancing rivers, snowy trenches and tranquil suburbs of Srinagar make it a paradise on earth. Let us look at the few captivating places to visit.

1) Mughal Gardens -

Are you a lover of blooming flowers? If yes then visit this marvel of Persian architecture to please your eyes and heart. Holding the Dal Lake in the background, this UNESCO site makes a great tourism destination bringing in flocks of tourists. The deodar forest hills, Tulip flowers, flourishing greenery and indigenous flower species make this place the wonderful crown of the Kashmir Valley.

2) Dal Lake -

Let us talk about the soul of Srinagar. The crystal clear lake is the mirror of the sky overhead and the trees surrounding it. The beauty of gaily painted shikaras is beyond words. The carved wooden balconies of the houseboats cast there shaking reflection on the water and the Pir Panjal Mountains cast there spell on the lake with its reflection. With so much to witness, how can someone miss on a trip to Srinagar?

3) Chatpal -

The Kashmir valley is so vivid and rustic that even the most avid traveller can easily miss the hidden beauty of Srinagar. Chatpal is one such unknown and unexplored part of the valley. The place is located 88km from Srinagar and seems the mirror image of Pahalgam. With verdant peaks, and gushing river streams cutting through the impregnable woods, this spellbinding place is the popular turf for nature enthusiasts.

4) Dachigam National Park -

This 141 sq km Wide Park lies just 22 km from Srinagar. The wildlife conservation project here aims to save and nurture the wildlife diversity of the valley. Tourists can enjoy a wildlife safari at this place and spot rare animals like Kashmiri Stag and Himalayan black bear and numerous other flora and fauna.

This is not all about the valley. The aura and the charm of the valley can leave any traveller in awe and love-stuck with Mother Nature.