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Mountains are calling and you must come; ditch your hectic lifestyle; No buts’ no if’s; grab a bike and let’s catch some thrill....


William Blake was so right when he said,” great things are done when men and mountains meet.” The frantic weekdays which seemed dull, boring and never-ending might be a long lost memory. All you need to do is grab a MTB and live life close to nature, because mountains have a way ;). Get your equipments right and ride through the beautiful terrain, lose your mind and find your soul. Mountain biking is a complete, necessary feast for your body, mind and soul.



The rough terrain is for the one who is brave and dares to risk; one who seeks solace from the mountains and natural forests; who feels alive riding up and down the mountain range and loves that surge of adrenaline rushing in the body amidst the bumpy track; it is for the one who wants to catch the freshness of the air cycling over the ridges; the one who has a zeal for speed. If you are one of these; then the valley welcomes you to share the captivating madness which offers peace. Mountain biking is the sport for every age and fun loving person,a solution to many mental and physical health problems, a key to happiness and self satisfaction. Mountain biking is an off-road adventurous sport and recreational activity. Gear up and brace yourself because here we are sharing with you all the details and hacks you need to know about mountain biking.



Mountain biking is performed in hilly and rough terrains with specially designed bicycle which offer high performance and endurance in the dangerous conditions. It requires the rider to be strong, self-reliant, enduring, courageous, calm-minded and the most significant characteristic that a rider must have is willingness and a desire to conquer the peak, he/she should be able to react positively to dangerous and fatal situations.


The journey through unventured roads

During your venture through the exciting terrain you will witness an endeavour like none other. You will witness rich culture with spectacular heritage and tradition, great food that will leave you craving for more, a music to whistle for the rest of your life and above all people and memories to cherish whole life. India is a budding hotspot for ardent enthusiast of mountain biking as our country is gifted with the most suitable mountain terrain for mountain biking. With every paddle, you will get an opportunity to explore a different world. The places you can choose depend on your convenience. You can visit the scenic beauty of Nandi hills of Savandurga, Sohna, Coorg of Karnatka among others.

Snow-capped mountains of Manali, rugged terrains of Leh in Jammu & Kashmir , downhill of Spiti Valley, the bank of River Ganges in Garhwal and lush green hills of Himachal pradesh acts as a perfect base camp for a mountain biking expedition in India.



It takes a lot of endurance, patience, stamina and courage to pass through the unique geography of India. Therefore one has to follow certain guidelines before putting their heart and mind into mountain biking. Before you invest your money to buy a mountain bike and other equipments, you must know the requirements of the sport from your body and mind, also you must know if you like it and does it suit you and are you ready to deal with harsh nature and other difficulties. For adapting to the needs and environment of mountains you can seek help from the local cyclist group and rent a bike from some shop. These groups are regular on their trips and frequently organize them on weekends or so and allow new enthusiasts to join them. They are familiar with the routes, terrains and unpredictable weather conditions and also have experience with emergencies. These groups can be a great help in learning about mountain biking and once you adapt to the long cycling sessions and difficult rugged hills you can buy a mountain bike which will cost you about 15 thousand Rupee.

After trying your hands at mountain biking for few months you can participate in competitions. There are plenty of organizers who conduct various competitions every week and people from various sections and all corners of society participate, you may also find a good number of foreign participation. The prize money offered at these events is quite decent.



Driving through the wicked trails and wildlife for several days can be life threatening at times. So it is very necessary to make yourself ready to face every challenge that mountain biking might lead to.

  • Mountain bike: the rider must have a strong and reliable bike with suspension on frame and fork, larger and knobby tires for firm grip, durable heavy duty wheels, powerful brakes, lower gear ratios which are required for steep grads with poor traction.
  • Light weight backpack: your backpack must be equipped with GPS system, pump, bike tools, LEDS etc.
  • Protective gears: to make sure that you don’t end up damaging any important part of your body you should keep your body protected. Your protective gear should necessarily have helmet, gloves, goggles, body armour, pads and first aid.
  • Hydration system: It is a must and you must have a bottle of water and other hydrant with you.

If cycling is what gives you happiness then you must unleash the inner adventurer in you. The time is perfect for you to grab a bike and paddle it with zeal and vigour. Go get a bike and explore your inner self and have an experience of a lifetime while exploring the serenity of Mother Nature.

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