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Money can’t buy happiness, but it can fetch you a stylish bicycle and that’s pretty damn close. As the best routes are, the ones you have not ridden grab your precious bicycle and get ready to explore the unknown with us.

Decode cycling with #outdoorkeeda!!

Are the deadlines in office making you stressed???? Well you don’t need therapy. Get a detox by cycling through the soothing and calm lanes of nature!! As they say, you are only one bike ride away from a good mood. Cycling is the like an antidepressant drug and it comes with zero side effects. So, fix your helmet tight cuz those chains are gonna set you free!!!!!!!

Cycling Outdoorkeeda

A ride down memory lane

Recall the memory of your first bicycle; a pinky ladybird for girls and macho Hercules for boys. That feeling of cool breeze flowing through your hair. Didn’t you feel like a bird that has just been let out of its cage! Well it indeed was an amazing experience of free spirit ride in the teenage of our life.

A bicycle manifests that in order to stay balanced in life one must always move forward. Your bicycle is like a best friend that makes you move forward without wasting anything but your fat

Cycling On Indian Roads ??

The road to success is always under construction!! Maybe India took this too literally :p!! Nevertheless, these ups and downs will challenge the cycling enthusiast in you and pump you to put all your strength in that paddle. Every drop of sweat will wash away your anxieties and you will not come back as the same person. . From being the only transport option available for the poor to being a burgeoning recreational sport, cycling has covered many regions along its joyride in India. The cities in India have roads swarming with traffic but the mountain treks provide enough privacy to let you enjoy your cycle ride to the fullest. Be it the Himalayan treks or the cities there is plenty of room for you to cycle your heart away.

Cycling Outdoorkeeda

Decode some exciting cycling journeys with #outdoorkeeda!!

Manali to Leh:

This route is like a pilgrimage for all the cycling devotees. If you love cycling, you will be thrilled for a lifetime while riding on this trek. The Leh-Manali highway gives you equal amount of adrenalin and tranquility. The magnanimous passes, hairpin bends and various streams will make you feel like a leaf, which has received its first showers of rain

Manali to Spiti:

when cycling through Himalayas and valleys of this route you will surely catch a glimpse of God’s abode on earth. The Buddhist monks, ancient monasteries, prayer wheels and flags will mark a permanent print on your conscience. The picturesque landscape of Spiti provides the perfect climate for a mesmerizing cycle ride.

Manali to Khardungla:

Starting from the gates to heaven this cycling expedition will inspire you to reach your goal by crossing five passes including the moody Rohtang pass, the loopy Bara Lachha la, the twin brothers- Naki la and Lachu lung la and the stern Tanglang la. Well if you thought this is it you are in for a surprise. The 22-curved Gata loop will untie all your worries and the Indus River and Moray plains will fill you to the brim with calmness.


The snow-capped mountains and curvy roads enrich your cycling expedition in this century old city. The pleasant weather represents the cherry on top of the cake. Enjoy a slow and leisure cycling while feasting your eyes with the remarkable scenery of nature at its best.

Cycling Outdoorkeeda

Don’t pack tooooo much!

As you are going on an expedition where you have to carry all your belongings on your back while cycling do not pack an extravagant luggage. Take the clue and pack smartly. We will help you make a list:

  • Woolen clothing cuz it will be cold up there and rain coat.
  • First aid kit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Water bottle
  • Camera with memory card
  • Battery bank
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Torchlight
  • Toiletries

Bundle all this in a neat little bag pack and you are good to go!!

*Keep in mind*

  • Prep your body well in advance. Workout and practice cycling at least one month before your expedition. Build your stamina physically as well as mentally and but don’t go for too rigorous routines.
  • Contact your organizer and talk to their previous participants about their experience. Make sure the cycle has been serviced and all parts especially breaks are working fine. Never forget your helmet while cycling.
  • Cycling is an adventure sport in which you are challenged physically as well as mentally. If you are someone on a quest for new experiences and thrills this is a chance to satiate your adrenaline high. All you need is the plan, a road map and the courage to set your soul free. So save the planet!! Ride a bike!
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