Paragliding: Get close and personal with the sky!

Wanna get up close and personal with the sky, choose your nearest paragliding destination and get that adrenaline pump to boost your confidence sky high. You can enjoy paragliding with minimal training. Decode all about paragliding with #outdoorkeeda.

Soar into the sky like a bird and experience new highs. Paragliding is a recreational activity that can be enjoyed by any age group. You only need courage and a bit of adrenaline to unite with sky and conquer new horizons.

india best paragliding

Get to know it first!

In paragliding, the participant sits in a chair balanced by sturdy harness tied to fabrics called wings. The fabric structure is made up of two layers of either nylon or polyester an there is no engine or propeller attached to the whole structure. The whole equipment is easily portable, light and easy to handle. If maneuvered properly these paragliders can fly beyond your imagination and gain new heights.

The participant is tied to the chair and then he/she takes flight from a height generally through any mountain or cliff and guides himself through the air enjoying through the sky. The launch can be aborted anytime the participant wants.

Because the wind plays major role in paragliding, always check the weather reports before arriving at your destination. In general, a wind speed of 20km/hr is sufficient for gliding your way in the sky. It is also important that you align the glider in the direction of the wind in order to gain proper altitude and velocity.

Learn in advance to fly like a bird

If you do not have much time to prepare for this adrenaline rushing activity, you can go for a tailor made crash course that will train you within two-three days by teaching you techniques and tricks necessary during your flight.

However if you want to become a pro at paragliding various institutions offer training programs and you will also get some solo flights free. It is a good practice for beginners. These courses are divided into two categories- elementary and advance. Based on your experience in the area you can choose the course in which you are eligible. Paragliding*** Parasailing*** ugghh?

Paragliding and parasailing are often taken as synonyms of each other. However, there is a tiny difference among them. In parasailing, the participants are tied to a high-speed motor boat with the help of harness, which drags them when it moves. The participants are suspended in air through a parachute, which also is attached to the boat.

Although paragliding is the easiest of all aviation adventure sports, some training is required prior to the final adventure. If you are courageous enough to take a leap of faith and let the wind do its magic then paragliding should be on your bucket list of adventures.

Decode some sky-high destinations for paragliding in India!

If you want to enjoy the view of earth like a bird choose paragliding as your next adventure. Let #outdoorkeeda decode for you some of the hot destinations for paragliding in India.

india best paragliding

1. Kamshet:

It is one of the most popular paragliding destination in India. Kamshet is located in the Sahayadri Mountainsin west India and is approachable through both Mumbai and Pune. You have to hike a bit to reach the take-off spot. The savannah climate here is very favorable for paragliding.

2. Solang valley:

This valley is located at about 8400 feet above sea level. If along with a rise in adrenaline you want to feast your eyes to some scenic views of snowcapped mountains and evergreen forests, this is your ideal destination for paragliding.

3. Bir Billing:

Home to several Buddhist monasteries, Bir Billing is the ultimate destination for paragliding. Situated in Himachal Pradesh this destination even hosts some international paragliding competitions. As it is a part of the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas, you can enjoy the view of some beautiful tea gardens here.

4. Rohtang La:

Like Solang, Rohtang la also gives some amazing views of the Himalayas when paragliding. You can also enjoy many other adventure sports there like skiing, all-terrain vehicle etc.

5. Vagamon:

Located in Kerala, this beautiful hill station provides a fairy tale like destination for paragliding. An average flight here can last for around 20-30 minutes.

Better safe than sorry

As is the case with any adventure sport, it is always advised to go through the safety drill primarily before embarking on your enthralling activity. In order to have an enjoyable experience of paragliding you should follow all the safety instruction and tips given during the training sincerely. Always wear all the safety equipment and helmet. A big advantage of parasailing is that if you feel any kind of discomfort during the flight you can always abort it.

As this activity involves sailing through great heights it is advised not to go beyond the forces of nature and try to be over adventurous. With a few precautions, you can make this a memorable experience of your life.