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Hot Air Ballooning : A peek to the soul

The captivating beauty of nature is to sooth its beings. The nature in its pristine form is source of immense joy. Humans have always avoided this prepossessing beauty of nature by indulging in creating false beauty. The true nature of life is to harness eternal joy from the serenity of Mother Nature. Hot air ballooning gives us a chance to adore the beauty of earth and a chance to appreciate the treasure of earth.


Leonardo Da Vinci was a wise man who once said something about the enthralling gaze from the sky, “when once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will take long to return.” India, the land of beauteous and harlequin green forests inhabited by varied variety of flora and fauna. Our country has many rivers flowing through the majestic plains and mountains also adorned by the crown of Himalayas. There are many astounding places in India for excursionists to explore while sitting in a hot air balloon. The trip of sky seems like a fantasy to eyes, thus hot air ballooning leaves an imprint upon heart for years to come. Let us explore the beautiful destinations of India where one can enjoy hot air ballooning.

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The beach capital of India is a perfect blend of sand, sun and sea. It is the biggest host of foreign tourists and provides ample opportunity for adventurers to enjoy various thrilling activities. Hot air ballooning is an added jewel to the crown of Goa. It gives a 360 view of enthralling landscape of Goa and its beaches, giving tourist am amazing sight to gaze at during dusk and dawn.


Jaipur is very famous among tourists due to its rich culture and centuries of heritage. The city of royalties offers breath-taking view of beautiful palaces, lakes, havelis and forts. The startling glimpse of Aravalli Ranges gives a majestic view from sky. Hot air ballooning in Jaipur tells why the city is called Pink city. Hot air ballooning in the most picturesque North-Western state of India is a memory to cherish forever.


The beauty of Taj Mahal is mesmerising and hypnotizing. Words fail to describe the quixotic sight of Taj beaming in the beautiful colours of the sun during sunrise and sunset. The symbol of love is the perfect hot air ballooning destination for lovers.


The stunning natural beauty of Manali is awe-inspiring. The destination is wellknown for its adventure sport and Hot air ballooning is an added advantage for adventurers. Incredible is the word for Hot air ballooning in Manali, surging through the snow-capped hills and beautiful gorges are completely bewitching.


Maharashtra is a scenic state and Lonavala is a major attraction for both local and foreign tourists and hot air ballooning has become very popular here. The lush greenery, forts, caves and shrines are sheer delight to be admired amidst the clouds. The trips during dusk and dawn are something to relish for the travellers.


The beauties of south Indian states are fun-filled and adventurous. The monuments and cave sites of Hampi offer a perfect view to admire. Hot air ballooning is gaining momentum and popularity among tourist who wish to witness the ancient ruins of this beautiful state.

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Now that the destinations for Hot air ballooning are ready, we need to know what all we need to know and do while Hot Air Ballooning.

  • Before heading out for Hot air ballooning, it is very important to analyse the weather conditions and plan your trip accordingly. Ballooning in autumn and spring is enthralling due to lush greenery that can be seen.
  • Don’t dress to show but according to the weather and in layers. It is also recommended to wear comfortable footwear like flat running shoes.
  • Carry your camera to shoot the perfect moments but also remember eyes are the best camera to capture the memories in memory to cherish for forever.
  • The landings can be little bumpy so brace yourself for the unexpected.
  • Remember the above points and you are good to go ;)

Watching all the alluring traces and vast unending boundaries of sea from high above in hot air balloon is an exceptional experience to rejoice. So why don’t you come by me to accompany the clouds? Let’s hop into out hot air balloon and let us sail through the dreamland that our beautiful country is. So when you got a chance to be a unique traveller then why travel using sidewalks? Let’s travel through the sky and feel the zeal while Hot air ballooning.