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Bungee jumping: Let’s jump, dive and fly through the sky

Bungee jumping is meant for those adventure enthusiasts who have the courage to take a leap of faith and experience a sudden adrenaline high. It is an adventure sport, whichrequires a person jumping from a high tower, crane or river bridge. Bungee jumping has also been tried through helicopters and parachutes. It consist of two types of harness- a body harness and an ankle harness.

The participant falls from a high point with both feet tied to rubber cords. As the cord reaches its maximum height, the participant rebounds and this goes on until the cord losses its velocity. Another person then retrieves the participant through a rope or in a boat.

highest bungee jumping in india

In bungee jumping, the thing, which is the main center of importance, is the rope through which the participant will hang. It should be less than the height of jumping point from the ground so that the participant does not collide with the ground on reaching the maximum length of the rope.

Usually the monsoon season is unfavorable for bungee jumping; apart from this period, bungee jumping can be enjoyed almost throughout the year. The minimum age for this adventure sport is 14 years and if you are fit and fine there is usually no maximum age to enjoy bungee jumping. The maximum weight to be eligible for bungee jumping is 110 kgs and minimum is 35 kgs.

People with the following medical conditions should refrain from this activity-

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart problems.
  • Neurological disorders
  • Women who are pregnant

The launch pad for the fall is stationed in such a manner that rocks or any other objects (e.g. trees) that can hurt the participant during bungee jumping do not surround it.

Before you can experience what it is to see the ground while falling freely from a great height the organizers will take your signatures on a form which mentions that if anything happens to the participant (high blood pressure, heart attack, nose bleeding) it will be the responsibility of the participant. However, if the person performing bungee jumping gets hurt because of fault in any safety measure than this is the mistake of the organizer.

bungee jumping in india

Decode the best bungee jumping destinations in India with outdoorkeeda

1. Rishikesh

We could declare this city; in the laps of Uttarakhand as the unofficial adventure capital of India. The highest point for bungee jumping in this city is around 83 mts. The height became possible because of a cantilever built on a cliff. The activity is conducted by Jumping Heights.

2. Lonavla

It is a hill station near Pune. Moreover, the height of the equipment is around 150 mts. The air dive here lasts for around 7-10 minutes. The participants are briefed about all the important safety measures before they experience the high of adrenaline during bungee jumping.

3. Goa

Goa has one of the lowest bungee jumping height and hence it is a good point to start for beginners. The equipment here is situated near Anjuna beach. The Gravity Adventure Zone conducts the bungee jumping here and a US based company called Sports tower Inc. has installed the equipment.

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4. Delhi

Wanderlust has made bungee jumping possible in Delhi. The equipment is stationed on a 130 ft high crane. The trained staff ensures the safety of the participants by maintaining the quality of all the equipment. The participant also gets some goodies (t-shirts and certificate) at the successful completion of the bungee jump.

5. Bangalore

The equipment here is stationed at Kanteerava stadium and the activity is conducted by Ozone. The equipment is attached to a 130 ft crane and the participants can jump from a height of 80ft.

Always remember!

  • Refrain from alcohol intake for at least 6 hours prior to the jump.
  • Warm up a bit; stretch out your body in order to make it a bit elastic before the jump.
  • Make sure all the safety measures are taken before you participate in bungee jump.
  • Check all the equipment and take part in the activity only when you are fully confident about all the machinery.
  • Make sure the harness is properly fastened.

If you have the dare to fall and survive, do indulge in bungee jumping and let your soul experience a high while you go low towards the ground.