Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake: The Lake with an island in it

Believed to be the meditating point of Sage Prashar and hence named after him, this lake has an island in it, a floating island!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that cool!!!! Prasharlake being holomictic in nature has a uniform temperature and density throughout. It is supposed to be deep and also the lake freezes in winters. This beauty of nature is situated 49kms north of Mandi, in the Dhauladar Range of Kullu. Situated at an elevation of 2730m above sea level, this venue feels like a fairyland. When at the lake you are surrounded by tall cedar trees overlooking snow-capped mountains.

Prashar Lake

You can also get a lovely view of a three-storied temple where sage Prasharis believed to have meditated. Bansen, the king of Mandi developed the temple in Pagoda style. The myth also whispers that the real temple of sage prashar is located in a single deodar tree.

The best time to visit the land of sage Prashar is from April to July and from September to November. Rainy seasons should be avoided.

How to reach Prashar Lake

You will be able to reach this clean mineralized water lake through many ways. Nature has carved out many routes for you. Choose as per your convenience.

  • Via Air: The airport that can land you in a flight, as close to this magical land as possible is the Bhuntar airport. From there numerous cabs buses are available that can take you to Mandi.
  • Via Road: This path will give you immense joy of sightseeing as the way leading to Prashar lake is as enchanting as one may think of. Pick up your bed buddies and plan a drive. Many direct buses lead you straight to Mandi from Delhi. May your journey be super adventurous.
  • Via train: The nearest railway stations are Chandigarh and Ropar. Although Jogindernagar is also quite close, but the best route is via Chandigarh to Mandi.
Prashar Lake

The best weekend gateway: Prashar Lake Trek

This trek not only rewards you with thrills of adventure but also helps you develop a deep connection with the indigenous atmosphere as the trek passes through many villages on its way. Do not forget to gorge on the local cuisine but do not overfill your stomach, as you have to walk a long way.

The average temperature remains around 130C. Be careful of the slippery paths. It is hence important to load yourself with the right gear. Also, it is very important to stay hydrated throughout your journey.

Prashar Lake

The maximum altitude that you can reach on this trek is 8,956ft. It will cost you one hour of your drive plus 5 hours of trekking to reach your destination. You will cover a distance of almost 7.05kms throughout your journey.

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